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 I am so sick of the spirit of negativity on this forum!

and I repent of my own role in it.

I am so sick of hearing which believer thinks of that deceiving pastor or which believer thinks about this or that "corrupted" text.


I'm gonna purpose something.......what do you like? the faith, in the community of believers, in the Church...what edifys you?

I'll start:

David Brainerd.

Missionary to the Americans Indians who died at Jonathan Edwards house of tuberclosis at age 29, Rev Edwards printed Brainerd's journals and they have not been out of print since the mid 1700's!

here's the URL to buy it from Amazon:

Brained book on

I will paste a review from one reader on Amazon:

David Brainerd was an incrediable man of God. The son-in-law (neil's edit...David was NOT the son-in-law of Rev his last days he was cared for by Edwards daughter Jerusha, who died months later from TB she contracted from David)of the great theologian Jonathan Edwards, Brainerd combined sound theology with a deep passion for Jesus. His story is one that should be told to our children's children.

Brainerd's diary is a wealth of the spiritual passion of a man who longed to see American Indians won to Christ. His hatred for his own sinfulness is found throughout the book. Some days Brainerd is on the mountain of God and the next he is in the valley of despair. With the exception of the dairies of the late Keith Green, have I seen a man who truly wrestled with his own flesh by the power of the Spirit. For those longing to be all that God wants them to be (Philippians 3:7-12), I would urge you to purchase this book. You will be blessed and challenged"

lets talk about Brainerd...what say.....lets pray that the Holy Ghost fills us in such a way we emulate his walk....

May God bless you all.

 2005/7/9 19:41

 a Brainerd blogspot!!

God is good!!

 2005/7/9 19:53

Joined: 2005/5/25
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 Re: I am so sick of the spirit of negativity on this forum!

Well done, Neilgin1

Halleluah, Praise the Lord for he is Holy and is seated at the right hand of the Father. Glory to him who is seated with the Angels all around him crying Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lamb that was slain. Amen

It is late here in the UK but I hope to come back with more.....


 2005/7/9 19:57Profile

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Cleveland, Georgia

 Re: I am so sick of the spirit of negativity on this forum!


I was just thinking the same thing during the middle of the day. I like to cross swords to strengthen what I believe, but I think we should realize we are all for the same Saviour. The same God and Father, the same Spirit, the same kind of trust in Christ.

John R Rice has a great sermon called "Paul Rejoices Over Enemies" that is about this very thing. If you have honest guilt over deciding doctrine, or what to think about other believers on the far end of your own "weird" scale, this sermon is a must.

John Rice was about as fundamental as you could get, but he loved people so much. I think we should be the same way. Anxious to defend the faith, but more anxious to love one another. Anxious to figure out our own statement of beliefs, but more anxious to get people saved.

Someone told John R. Rice, "Brother Rice, when you get all the people agreeing together, then you can have revival." To which Dr. Rice replied, "No, then you've got the millenium, my brother." This sermon edifies the body, as well as me.

I think we should preach repentance, law, and sin, then grace and mercy, but we can't forget brotherly love. 1 Corinthians 13, my brothers.

John Rice: Paul Rejoices Over Enemies(this site)

Hal Bachman

 2005/7/9 20:39Profile

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Good post Neil.

I too have a suggestion that will seem almost simplistic. But I've found from my own experience that a good cure for a nagative attitude is the whole [url=]download[/url] section on this site :-) . The sermons here have been an avenue of the grace of God teaching me humility.

Jeremy Hulsey

 2005/7/9 22:16Profile

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


I have to second that motion by brother Hulsey! The audio and video sermons really are the main purpose of this ministry website and if people listened to truth half as much as talking about falsehood their lifes would be revived.

I also think discussing old men and saints from the past that walked with God is a great idea, thanks Neil for spear heading this about David Brainerd.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2005/7/10 4:33Profile

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 Bro. Neil

I'd give you a holy kiss if you were any closer!
I've enjoyed this post greatly. What I appreciate about Brainerd in his teachings was how commonsense he made them. Like the area of repentance, He said the area of repentance should be equal to the area of transgression. This is how I understand it.If my sin involves just one onther person Directly, I go to that person and ask forgiveness, if it's just ---- say a negative thought about that person and wasn't expressed, I go to God . I've seen so many people ask others for forgiveness who had no idea they even needed to forgive that person. I've seen it in the context of congregations too. Ended up doing more harm than good.

As an aside , I've always thought about Edward's daughter and her sacrifice, I think that somehow the Lord spared no expense in the comfort He gave Brainard at the expense of Edward's daughter Jerusha. What a sacrifice! What a testomony! God Bless ya Brother. Bro. Daryl


 2005/7/10 6:14Profile

 Re: Bro. Neil

I agree that there has to be balance. Amen.

I would also say that there is an assumption here that this forum is the end all be all of people's lives. It is not.

I dont talk much about my personal life on here, mainly because I figure no one on here really cares. I dont want to bore anyone. But I have a reputation on here as being controversial and "negative", and I do know that I am one of the people Neil had in mind when he started this thread.

So lets talk about me for a minute. You know... "negative" Krispy.

I love practical jokes.

One of my sons commented to my wife once, "Everywhere we go Papa makes friends with people... the store, the gas station..."

I'm a weight lifter.

I coach youth football and wrestling.

I have 4 sons ages 10, 9, 2, and 4 months.

I drive a Jeep.

My wife is beautiful.

I'm a self-employed structural engineer by trade.

I work in a prison ministry.

I volunteer at a Rescue Ministry.

I write music.

I have a habit of bringing people home for dinner who need a meal.

I love a good party.

I'm a social "butterfly".

I teach the Bible.

I witnessed to a urologist the other day... DURING MY (I really did!)

I led 3 of my football players to Christ last season.

I love 80's Christian hair band music. (Sorry, it's true!)

The purpose of this post is to show that we all have a human face. And I get PM's all the time from people going off on me about how I'm negative, out of balance, and some have accused me of being an old geezer (I'm 37). Someone PM'd me this morning and said they didnt know how to approach me... like I was gonna chop their head off or something!

For crying out loud folks... all we know of anyone on here is whether or not they can spell, and thats it.

The assumptions that everyone makes about everyone else on here is amazing. I do it too sometimes.

When I post something on here like I did yesterday about Osteen... I dont do it because I get some kind of kick out it. I do it because he is very influencial in the Body of Christ, and I have a burden on my heart to not see my brothers and sisters in Christ be deceived. Yet those on here who call ME judgemental fail to realize that THEY themselves are judging my heart and motives when they know nothing about me.

I will stand for truth... and people are free to bury their heads in the sand and refuse to listen. All I am required to do is state the truth, it's not up to me to make someone accept it.

[i]Eze 33:6 But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand.[/i]

I agree with sermonindex that the sermons are what this site is about... and we should all avail ourselves of them. I have, and I have learned a lot, and been challenged in many areas. I encourage everyone to take advantage of whats available here.

But if something comes up, I for one, will speak the truth... and do so in as much love as I can. Some believe speaking in love means waxing over anything "negative". Not so. Speaking in love means not speaking in a degrading or insulting manner... but it NEVER means not speaking the truth plainly and boldly.

This is what I will do, and have done, tho imperfectly at times.

And even NEIL knows that I am not afraid to come to someone and apologize when I have been wrong. I'm not perfect.


PS Where is the spirit of negativity mentioned in the Bible? We throw that around like it's the 11th commandment. I'm not saying we should be negative... just wondering how that phrase made it into Christianese.

 2005/7/10 6:46

 Re: Jesus said.....

"If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me". Selah. Such a simple truth, yet so few find it enough.


 2005/7/10 7:44

Joined: 2004/7/4
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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

 Re: For what its worth

Seeing as I love to give you gears about the things you say I'll give my perspective on things.

You say that you can't tell much about a person or see their heart attitudes about things, I will disagree with you on that one. You see it is not what you say that I personally will challenge you about, but its the way you say them. I feel and have felt that on any position that you take a stand on, your style of expression gives no room for another position or a different way seeing something. Its like 'thats it and thats that'. Well you could say that it is in the bible, well according to the bible someone caught in adultery deserved death, but Jesus did'nt condemn the lady. He said go sin no more. For all intense purposes the pharisees and the rest of the crowd that were with them were right. She deserved death, but God has other ideas. Its about truth, but more importantly the correct application of that truth. Get my drift?

Like you said we can't really judge your character based on what you write but I certainly can see if you tolerate those that disagree with you. Its tone Krispy, and like Neil has said before it is a five hundred pounds worth of personal tone/opinion. I enjoy your fiestiness, and your heart is good, but coming from one who also calls a spade a spade, sometimes the sheep need a little room and grace to take things in.

I know this is a personal message on a public forum, but I feel your post needed a public response. For I sense, not wanting to be to presumptious, that I may be speaking for allot of people who have said something to you.

Attempting to honour you,

Zeke Oosthuis

 2005/7/10 7:48Profile

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