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 Re: 5G

I just want to assuage any concern here, at least for the short term. Currently, 5G phones operate only on FR1 band, which is not as harmful as the other bands (FR2 and FR3).

Saints, there's no need to make this any bigger than it should be. What I will say is this - the 5G standard spans other frequencies and that's at FR2 and FR3. These are the ones that have really millimeter wavelengths but these bands are not specified in the standard with phones in mind (or phones that support these will not be around any time soon). FR2 and FR3 are really standardized specifically for interconnected devices or networks - interconnected autonomous vehicles, interconnected power systems etc.

If you read this, please pray for me for God to give me wisdom and utterance in my workplace where science is God rather than our Lord Jesus and where anything spiritual is mocked. Thank you brothers and sisters.

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Thanks SB - this thread was actually from a few years ago when 5 G was new but it does go to show why we shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon of always negatively reacting to new tech. (Or vaccines).


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