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 Catholic beliefs

I am meeting with a Catholic who is keen to debate the differences in their beliefs with a Protestant. They went through an Alpha course last year and have experienced a new Christian faith. They feel as though they are called to be an evangelist and long to fill the Catholic church.

They still pray to Mary, believe that Peter was the first pope, that communion is only authentic within Catholic churches, do the stations of the cross, attend church on saints days etc.

My essential question really is to ask if there is a useful resource book or text book that will help me address the Catholic practices and provide scriptural back up and real meanings to some of the proof texts for their practices. If there isn't then I would welcome some advice or insights. My aim is not to break their Catholic faith, it is to help them understand why Protestants think differently so they can understand them more.

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 Re: Catholic beliefs

I don't know that I have anything special. I think that a true, heartfelt searching of the Scriptures, along with prayer, will guide someone away from Catholic traditions (as well as many of today's "protestant" traditions). The problem is the layman doesn't search the Scripture the way they search the TV listings.

I have friends who, like you say, profess Biblical Christianity, yet still either participate in saint worship or something, or make excuses for the mass, etc.

I don't think there is a better way than reading the Bible on your own. If you are familiar with men like Charles Chiniquy or Thomas Bilney, both Catholic churchmen that were converted to Christ, you will see it was Scripture that pulled down the walls of tradition.

Here is site for info on Bilney and others, look under videos "The Story of the English Bible":

Here is a site for Chiniquy,look under comic "Big Betrayal"(fascinating information):

Chick's ministry is foremost to reach the lost, and I would say secondly to destroy the doctines of the Papacy. If you want books, Chick's got them.

Hal Bachman

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I suggest you visit this site: Dr. White is a well know apologist, and has been the guest on several well known Christian radio programs.


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 Re: Catholic beliefs

Please go to the Chick Publications. the track's by a former ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera is the site.
will pray for you. put on the whole Armor of God, and having done all stand.

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 Re: Catholic beliefs

Thanks. I have now looked at some of these resources and think it will give me a starting point. It is going to be a difficult task I think as this person has a lot of standing in the Catholic church. Still, they have begun their quest and I cannot remain silent and focus on the common ground when there is a gaping hole of the differences that can lead to destruction.
O that we could all walk in the true freedom that only Christ can bring.

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 Re: Catholic beliefs

Open up the Bible with this person, and read New Testament especially Jesus' words. God's Holy Bible prayerfully can convert, it did for me, and for many others.

We need to know God, and His word, before one goes out preaching and teaching. I hope this brother will do so before ministering. Even Christ, who is God, was 30 before He ministered. He studied the Bible first.


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