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 New Zealand

I suppose we should be on the lookout for likely and almost sure retaliation for what the totally misguided person did in the mosque.

David Winter

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 Re: New Zealand

It is as all senseless acts of violence are tragic and saddening.

Christchurch terror attack: 5 things you need to know

May God have mercy.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this attack was on the heels of the US congress dealing with resolutions on anti-semitism, and the goings on in Israel with Natanyahu....seems to be in the spirit realm to me.

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The attack in New Zealand played into the agenda of our liberal media that's all. It wasn't about people or Muslims or any other was a reason to take another stab at guns. Gun violence is a top priority. Violence is not, muslims are not, Christians are not.

You might have noticed a few things...

Only certain types of people are interesting and need media attention.
LGBTQ when they are not revered
Blacks only as long as they are not Christian or in another country.
liberal celebrities when they have an opinion
Mexicans when they cant get over the border and even better when their kids cant get over the border.
any white guy who is conservative, gun owner, Christian or for President Trump...they require immediate crucifixion.
White/black/Asian/muslim women who feel oppressed and love socialism...they need to be heard.
any white male that mishandles a gun is to be media assassinated

There might be more, but these are the topics in the news every single day, day after day ad nauseum.


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You forgot their penchant for taking any possible topic and blaming “climate change” in some way.


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 Re: New Zealand

Retaliation is always a possibility, however it comes in many forms-
Interestingly the attack was followed by a “gun grab” of New Zealanders which at best has been misrepresented by mainstream media.
Aside from the very strange, anomalous, even “coincidental” occurrences surrounding this event, it is noteworthy that numerous very wealthy Americans have bought/developed residential property and even installing underground bunkers on the island nation. Each of these individuals have somethings in common,.... firstly above average wealth, then strong connections to big tech companies and you guessed it.... hyper liberal politics.
While I am in no way espousing a conspiracy theory, I personally do not believe in coincidence ;)


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 Re: Crazy but going to be saved

I wont find it strange:

When the same philosophy adopted by various groups in order to give them freedom in classifying themselves as any gender they used to classify those who kill.

My gender identity is 'kill all xxxx', that's what Ive chosen, that's what I am, I cant change it.
Some will say "we have laws against that"
He/she/it will answer " laws are made to be changed"
You changed them for homosexuality, you changed them for adultery, you changed them for bigamy, you changed them for drug use, you changed them for defecating on city streets, you changed them for drug dealing...
"You can change them for 'kill all xxxx' too!

this gender identity is a 'philia' that exterminates xxxx.

I know this sound over the top, it's crazy talk, it's lunacy and out right stupid, but it's functioning in our politics and in our schools and our communities.

Someone will say "that's a slippery slope argument that fails". logically I would have to agree, but historically, just peep back 70 years and look at the Jewish Holocaust and I rest my case.

Human nature has not enlightened itself past racial hatred, or religious hatred, social or economic hatred.

The solution is not humanism it's Jesus Christ. He is the only one that works a transformation of heart and mind whereby the believer is free to believe and live by the Holy Scripture and in doing so defeats racism, religious hatred, social and economic hatred.

Removing these attention demanding 'trees', you begin to see the forest of human nature living as it wills without God. What we are as a nation and as a people and as human beings all becomes very clear, we are sinners who love their sin and this week or year it happens to be this sin-flavor we like most.

Jesus Christ is alive and well, alive and Lord, alive and Savior, alive and seeking and saving that which was lost.
Preaching to myself first I say "don't let the sinful acts of men turn you away from the truth, that God has sent his Son into the world to save sinners from their sins"

God hears prayer and answers us...even if it comes 50 years from now, it will surely come and we will know God answered either here or in eternity.


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