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 Should've Known Better

We rarely go to the theater. I’m too old for comic book flicks and the rest are generally too vile for human consumption but I saw a movie advertised called “A Dog’s Way Home” and thought I’d surprise my wife who is the animal aficionado with a movie date. It’s a kid’s movie, right, so what could go wrong? 😊

Five minutes into the movie Ashley Judd takes center stage. I must commend her for not launching into her “Nasty Woman” speech. I’m sure there were moments laced into her performance that got edited out. And not to be the spoiler for those still interested in seeing it for yourselves, there are a couple of men who take the dog in for a stint during its journey home – I emphasize the word “couple”. I’m like “Really??!!?? This is a kid’s movie after all”. We survived the movie and as the credits scrolled across the screen on our way to the exit I see none other than TD Jakes as the executive producer.

The evening was now complete.


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 Re: Should've Known Better

I tried to watch that movie about Kermit Gosnell last night and was disappointed to find it had filthy language. I rented it from by the way. 5 minutes in I shut it off.

Nigel Holland

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