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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Christian dishwasher fired by hotel because she refused to work Sundays awarded $21M

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 Re: Christian dishwasher fired by hotel because she refused to work Sundays awarded $

First, I'd like to say that I am very happy for this person who no longer has to wash dishes in a restaurant. I myself did so as well. And I can't say I sang hymns in the kitchen even once. Maybe I should've. But then again, I couldn't, because I was a Christ-hating wicked criminal at that time.

Secondly, I have brothers in Christ who are dear to me on both sides of this issue. One of them will not work from sunset on Friday through sunset on Saturday. Another refuses to wash dishes on Sunday (I'm not joking), nor will they go to a restaurant on Sunday.

That said, I thought some may be interested in the following link which hits this subject head on.

I myself do not believe that either Saturday or Sunday must be kept as a Sabbath in obedience to God.

Undeniably, Friday at sunset through Saturday at sunset was the Sabbath which is mentioned in the Scriptures.

Undeniably, no man nor group of men may change that Sabbath day to Sunday.

May God give us Light. Jesus Himself is Light.


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The reality is that I have never heard anyone say how blessed they were for not keeping the LORD's Day holy. We abstain from unnecessary labor to remember Him, assemble with other Believers to encourage them. This is a formal act of honoring the LORD.


Sandra Miller

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