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Ive been a Christian for 11 years. I dont know what really to make of tongues. However I "think" Ive spoken it twice or three times in prayers. These were during times of very very high stress - sibling dying and other tinmes, suspect of cancer in myself. I dont know if what I had were tongues or just confusion, though I thanked the Lord for them nevertheless. Ive not really asked for this particular gift, remembering the Lord saying, My love is sufficient for thee.

Can anyone enlighten me please?

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Orange Park, FL

 Re: tongues

there's alot of disagreement on this issue...but here's my take on it:
1- always remember to seek the truth first. Jesus is the truth (John 14:6). then, experiences (like tongues, etc) come OUT of the truth. never seek an experience first and truth second. always truth first and experience second.
2- i personally DO believe the gifts (like tongues) are still here and available today. therefore, God's spirit can come and feel you and strengthen you during the times you cry out to Him.
3- if the words that you heard that came from your mouth were a clear form of another language that you didn't know, then you probably spoke in tongues. if the words were simply la-la-la-la, then that probably wasn't tongues.

just my thoughts. continue to seek God during all times of your life!
may the lord bless you-


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 Re: tongues

Believe on the word and in the word. The word says that greater things will you do. did Jesus talk in tongues? well the ones who followed did, Jesus was the one who not only used water but also the spirit. It is in use, believe, have faith ask for the filling. we ask others but it is God who fills the believer.

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 Re: tongues

I would think that you probably did speak in tongues. It would make sense to me that this particular gift would come forth in your life when you're going through a hard time.

Paul told us to [b]earnestly[/b] desire spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 14:1), and clearly these gifts are known by experience.

Paul also told us that this particular gift [i]edifies[/i] the believer. The actual Greek word often translated "edify" in 1 Cor. 14:4 is "Oikodomeo." It literally means "to build a house." Possible translations are "To build a house, tower, town, etc., to build in a spiritual sense, to profit spiritually, the act of building..."

It seems clear that speaking in tongues builds up your inner man or perhaps your spirit. It builds up the spiritual part of your being. It strengthens and profits you spiritually. It's a supernatural source of spiritual building and strengthening (I think of it like muscles). No wonder Paul wished that everyone spoke in tongues and it's no wonder that he himself did it more than anyone else. (1 Cor. 14)

I encourage you to simply step out in faith and start using this gift regularly. Go with the Spirit and whatever phrases (utterances) you have. It may be only one phrase, one unknown word, but just continue to use it in faith and more will probabaly come.

It may seem fake or awkward at times but the Bible doesn't say that you will always [i]feel[/i] edified, it simply states it as a fact that you [i]will be[/i] edified. Go ahead and start building. It could only do you good.

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Joined: 2005/6/26
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 Re: tongues

Thank you all for your edifying responses. I go to one of the few English speaking churches here. Once I told my small group that we need to be born again, everyone looked at me like I was from another planete. I dont like to enter into an arguement on Spiritual matters given the 45 mins that we meet. So, imagine my joy to have found a platform here where my spiritual concerns are received by thoughtful Christians.

Concerning tongues, I went over my spiritual journal (which Ive kept for 11 years) and here is what I wrote of the last time I had the tongues -

Tears and tongue!! I learned to speak in a new language today. How loving my Father is. I spoke for more than half an hour. During all that time, it was a mixture of the Lord speaking and my own thoughts - all mixed into one. The message is clear. He seems to say "Fear Not". It was truly an unforgetable experience. God is alive and inside me!!

In light of what Todd said, I indeed have had that gift even though it has occured only one other time and this has been a while ago now. O God, help my unbelief!! I was busy praying for the Truth but when Truth revealed itself to me I did not recognise Him. Or I did and then doubted.

Todd, I dont know what it is to "start using this gift regularly...." Its not that I have much control in this. I dont really "know" the language. Im afraid to get into a situation of self-hypnosis. I believe my spiritual life is strong and healthy but still, there is a longing for more of the Lord that cannot seemed to be filled by the tons of reading and listening that I do. How do you think I should proceed in my spiritual life to stop this restlessness, even if it is restlessness for the Lord. Am I alone in this?

Thanks for listening

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Jacksonville. Florida


For an awsomely comprehensive study of the subject and an excellent way to help you discern the truth of God's word, I would recommend the following... A Theology of the Holy Spirit by Frederick D. Bruner [] It is one of the most involved and accurate and intricate studies of each and every scripture reference for all of the 'Miracle" gifts including speaking in tongues I've ever come across.

Use the personal study of God's TRUTH to determine for yourself what is HIS truth on this not rely on the teaching of man, uninterpreted personal experience or the explained expereinces of others.

DIVE DEEP and bring up his treasures for your personal ministry!

God Bless,

bill schnippert

 2005/7/5 7:56Profile

 Re: Hi Free,

Welcome to our sanctuary in cyberspace. May I ask where on this planet are you? Just curious.

Paul said there are various kinds of "gifts" and various kinds of administrations of these gifts. He also said that the Holy Spirit gives severally as He wills. So it's really not up to us. we can covet gifts, but we cannot demand them or create them.

Many say that if you do not "speak in tongues" as the Spirit gives utterance, you have not been baptised in the Holy Spirit. I find this faulty theology because at the conclusion of Pauls instruction about the gifts in 1 Cor 12, he asks a series of questions, all demanding the answer "no". He asks do all prophecy, do all work miracles, do all speak in tongues. Again, the demanded answer is no. Either "tongues" is not the sure evidence, or "all" in this passage are not "Spirit filled and immersed in Him".

Secondly, Acts 1:8 says that when the Holy Spirit comes upon us (this is Jesus speaking here), that we will receive power to be His witnesses. This power is the ability to die for our faith and testimony. I have found this to be true without exception. I've seen some very intoverted people become springs of living water when filled with the Holy Spirit. Praise God.

Gifts of the Spirit are not trophies but tools, to be used in ministry, as I understand it. I was in a technical trade for many years. I carried with me a small bag of tools. When I needed a screwdriver, I'd go to my bag and find one. It would do me no good to pull out a wrench or pliers. I had to find a screw driver. I needed the right tool for the task before me.

As we live and move and have our being in Him, God will lead us into many kinds of ministry situations. He will impart His power to us to move upon a heart in such a way as to perfectly match the supply with the need. I call upon the Holy Spirit, and He supplies the gifts I need at that moment, for that moment, to accomplish the task at hand for the kingdom of God. If I can work miracles, yet the person(s) before me needs to be prophecied over, what good is that? If a person needs a word of knowlege, and I speak in an unknown tongue, what good is that? It's like trying to turn a screw with boxed end wrench. Failure is a certainty.

So I do believe that the Holy Spirit supplies all my need, "IF" I am in His will, doing what He would have me do at any given moment.

Yes, I do believe God blesses us with a prayer language that qualifies as an unknown tongue. Sometimes it is groanings too deep to utter. If it edifies and encourages your spirit, it is of God. Sometimes revelation of more of God follows, but not necessarily. Most of the time we feel better, though not always. But be assured, that God is alive in you as you have testified, and that He will supply severally (more than one) as the need arises.

I hope this blesses you, edifies you, and encourages you to let God be all HE CAN BE in you! That is His desire. To bring it to pass, we only need to die to self, and let Him live in us and through us. If it is His life living through us, we need not be anxious about whether we have this gift or that gift. We just trust God and go on with Jesus.

It was at the cross where we first saw the light. If you find yourself in a dark place, go back to the cross. The light is still shinning there. The cross, to those who are being saved is the "power" of God. Alleluia and amen.

In awe of Him,


 2005/7/5 8:58

Joined: 2003/6/11
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Santa Clara, CA

 Re:That other language

Wow Lahry,

Ever have a thought just precede your reading of it? Backtracking through these replies, was wondering to myself precisely this:

Yes, I do believe God blesses us with a prayer language that qualifies as an unknown tongue. Sometimes it is groanings too deep to utter.

Had never really stopped to think of it in this way and by it's own nature and description it is quite paradoxical. Quite familiar with it though it goes through and past my... fleshly senses? It's felt more than expressed, a foreign language to the mind while still allowing intercession for others to mix in and out as well as the personal needs, the spiritual hunger and thirst to be filled, to be...taken, to give up everything for His sake...Ah, here I am describing what I thought was indescribable.

It seems that it finds it's expression more after the fact, that the bringing to mind of verses out of the depths rather than measuring up to them;

2Co 4:10 Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.

Rom 8:23 However, not only creation groans, but we who have the first fruits of the Spirit also groan inwardly as we eagerly wait for our adoption, the redemption of our bodies.

It usually get's expressed by that word that is not a word that I know of.


Ah, found just what I was looking for in this regards:

[url=]Vital Connectivity[/url]

A very different and interesting perspective here Lahry, more so that it came just prior to your mention, it brings to mind another old quote, with a slight twist in intent: [i]Do I met you praying?"[/i]

Mike Balog

 2005/7/5 9:50Profile

 Re: Crsschk...

...can we just stop for a moment and worship Him together? Oh that we had a chat room there so we could all meet and worship together. Just magnify His presence with scriptural edification and worship. Just glory in His promises and love. My Lord and my God. Just to be still with You Lord, is worth it all. Fill us all together, as we wait with hearts of thanksgiving. Oh that we could trust You oh Lord, to the point that circumstances and events would not shake us up. Oh to have that confidence in Your love, that this life would not remove our hearts and our minds from Your goodness. Holy God. Holy God. So very Holy is our God. Love beyond description, love abounding toward us. Oh that You continue to take pleasure in Your love toward us through the glory of Your Son Jesus. Alleluia. Alleluia. Come quickly Lord, for we thirsteth after Thee.

 2005/7/5 11:03

Joined: 2005/6/26
Posts: 55


Hi Lahry,
Im from that part of the planet called France.

I read with interest and deep deep empathy your entry "Vital Connectivity.

Many many years ago, I read a book by Parker who said something about deception in either the speaking of tongues or the interpretation of it. I also understand that there is no deception so big or so sinful as that of self-deception. So, may the Lord forgive me for harboring this scepticism mixed with fear in regard to tongues. Along with that is probably the prideful belief that we can love God or know that He loves us without needing to be shown these outward signs. Somehow God chose to love me in another way and instead of rejoicing, I doubted. Even as I write this, there is this reservation in some part of me that I may be wrong and refuse to enter into this mystery. O, what a wretched man I am...

On all other fronts, Im not as confused as I sound concerning tongues. I see the work of God in my life and in the lives of all my loved ones. Inspite of the tremendous sufferings in my family of late, the blessings have also been awesome. Im coming to that spot where I can see, even the sufferings were meant for good though I wouldnt dare share this with the family. Not everyone can be at the same spot at the same time and I have to be sensitive to their feelings.

Indeed there are no quick answers to deep deep questions.

 2005/7/5 11:06Profile

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