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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Dead American missionary told island tribe 'Jesus loves you'

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When I heard about this story I thought it was a stupid choice and he was a product of Oral Robert U and I figured his pipe dream came from there as a result of what he learned from there.

But as I thought more about it, as well as hearing radio people judge him harshly, I thought that this might have happened to give Christians an awareness of these people , through the media, so that we can pray for this group of people to hear the Law and the Gospel.

I think those who judge the man as stupid and keep your religion to yourself are largely ignorance of the Great Commission. They show their ignorance in the content of what they said. Test it when you hear it and ask yourself are they upholding the bible in their comments or are they holding their personal/cultural worldview?

I also came across this article on Twitter when I found to be ridiculous. I read it as a liberal piece of writing and I responded to it on Twitter.


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I still believe the Gospel will make it to this island and to this people. This island and this people are likely being bombarded by prayer right now as never before.

David Winter

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