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 North Korea

I'm going to post the URL of a in-depth article about North Korea, specifically the industrial port town of Chongjin. Within the page is also a link to a couple of video presentations on the DPRK.

After reading this article, it suddenly occurred to me, the leadership of the DPRK is scared to death, they know NO WAY out of the hole. Either as leaders of this nation, nor of abdicating their own power. They don't know business, nor the workings of dynamic capitalism, and they are scared, so they did the only thing they thought would help them maintain, they crafted nuclear weaponry.

I feel the Lord so desperately wants His lost children in this sad desperate nation. What a harvest field it [b]will[/b] be. Lets just pray cooler heads prevail.

just pray.

[url=,1,7149611,full.story?coll=la-headlines-world&ctrack=1&cset=true]A Glimpse inside North Korea[/url]

 2005/7/3 23:47

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