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 Towers of lost tears

I was born under an angry sky
At the edge of the world in darkness
A place where the rain never ceased to fall
And boys grew up to be heartless

Tears were banished right from the start
And the foundations of the walls that surrounded our heart
Were laid deep in our souls and minds every day
It was a well-worn path and there was no other way

And the wind blew hard upon the window pane
There was never-ending darkness and never-ending rain
And the hearts of the boys grew dark in the night
Only in your dreams could you run and take flight

Still the morning would come and darkness remained
Look out of the window and it continually rained
Every blow to the heart another brick in the wall
The more you laid bare the more it grew tall

The land of broken hearts is full of high towers
Tis a black and white land ruled by darkened powers
Towers of lost tears and towers of pain
Tis full of dark clouds and continual rain

Yet there were some who spoke of a world of light
Where tears could fall and no continual night
This world had a King who had come to this land
They put nails in His feet and nails in His hand

The powers of darkness screamed in delight
As they pierced His side, this King of the Light
He had come to replace the hearts that were broken
With power and love in every word He had spoken

So they nailed the Word to the cross that day
Then they took Him down and in the cave He would lay
And they rolled a stone just to shut Him in
And the darkness fell and rejoiced in its sin

And the brokenhearted wept for their King
He had taught them to pray and taught them to sing
Yet the rain and the darkness seemed to prevail
By the power of the sword and the power of the nail

Then out through the darkness broke forth a great light
The rolled away stone revealed a glorious sight
The grave could not hold Him and death was defeated
Look up to the throne and see where He's seated

Our King was victorious, the chains they were broken
Those asleep in the darkness were gloriously awoken
In victory He arose, He had shattered deaths spell
In the land of broken hearts the towers fell

The captives came forth their hearts were renewed
And the powers of darkness were finally subdued
No longer prisoners of the darkness and pain
Their tears were recovered and they fell like rain

Bro Frank

 2018/10/11 17:51

Joined: 2012/7/22
Posts: 121

 Re: Towers of lost tears

Reading this at the end of my lunch break today caused my spirit to soar.

Love you so much, faithful brother Frank!

Thank you for blessing this younger brother today, as we redeem technology for the glory of God with these means of communication and sharing!


 2018/10/12 14:18Profile


So glad to hear that you were encouraged brother, God bless you............bro Frank

 2018/10/14 2:43

Joined: 2003/11/23
Posts: 4529

 Re: Towers of lost tears

This is just beautiful, Frank. Thank you for sharing it. I've shared it with some friends.


 2018/10/20 17:26Profile

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