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 Re: Dr. Tozer's & Spurgeon Advice

because greater minds than yours have wrestled with this problem and have not come up with satisfactory conclusions

True, but pride would prevent me from truly accepting this. How I wish I could follow such advice.

Sean Hobson

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I love it! Thanks for sharing...


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Dr. Tozer's & Spurgeon Advice


Tears_of_joy wrote:
'I was preparing to go to Nyack College. Before I left there was one burning question I had in mind, and I went to Dr. Tozer and said, “Could you give me some advice concerning the problem of Calvinism versus Arminianism?”
And I’ll never forget the advice he gave me. At the time I thought it was rather inconclusive and not too helpful. But I listened carefully. He said, “My son, when you get to college you’re going to find that all of the boys will be gathered in a room discussing and arguing over Arminianism and Calvinism night after night after night. I’ll tell you what to do, Cliff. Go to your room and meet God. At the end of four years you’ll be way down the line and they’ll still be where they started, because greater minds than yours have wrestled with this problem and have not come up with satisfactory conclusions. Instead, learn to know God.”'
-Cliff Westergren


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 Re: Dr. Tozer's & Spurgeon Advice

It seems strange to say, but at age 15, when I was baptised, I had a brief acquaintance with a church denomination that I don't even recall, but I do know that I had never heard of Calvinism or Arminianism.

The only few things I knew was that Jesus was perfect, that He died for me, that I might be perfect too. I was told He loved me, but that made almost no impression on me, since I had no idea what the word love meant.

Tozer was absolutely correct in his advice, for in my case, only when I was alone with Jesus for many years did I even begin to know what the love of God was, and slowly begin to learn how to love as well.

I cannot agree with either Calvinism or Arminianism, and I don't know as yet if there is a third position that is neither of the two.

But I do know one thing, and know it well.

God loves us in ways we can understand, and ways we cannot. What I want most of all, is to find out all the ways, and imitate them.


Forrest Anderson

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 Re: Dr. Tozer's & Spurgeon Advice

I think this quote fits very well into this thread:

As your Biblical knowledge widens, do you become .
more profoundly [b]humble[/b],
more [b]tenderly conscientious[/b],
more [b]gentle[/b],
more [b]spiritual[/b]?

Unless this is the case, you are in a fatal mistake by
supposing that you are making progress in the divine
life, merely because you are advancing in biblical
- John Angell James

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