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 Doctrine of the remnant

I remember years ago when I first listened to and heard this message and how it so resonated with my heart. It helped me to understand what I had felt inside but could never quite identify what this was.
When my Saviour found me years ago as a young man so lost in my self centeredness, I will always remember how glorious the transformation was to pass from death unto life. I suppose my feet didn’t even touch the ground for a season, I was so enraptured with my Heavenly Father (in whom I never had an earthly one). This was all so new and wonderful to me. The few the Lord had given me for a short season were like my new family. I could not get enough of being around them. Their hearts were aglow as well as mine and the fellowship we shared was as sweet as honey. All we wanted to do was to speak of these ‘unspeakable’ things our God had put in our hearts. It was a season that the Lord had given me a new heart that was larger than any ability to understand. And I didn’t need to understand it. I was content to live with this ‘knowing ‘ that he loved me and cared for me, and was not so concerned with the Why or the How.
And so...... I began my odyssey of trying to find a church or a people that I could find a home with. A group of people that had similar or like passions concerning the things of God. How nieve I was. I thought that most any good church would have a plenitude of folks in whom ‘Christ, who Is our life’ would gather and meet and share a like fire in their hearts.
After almost 40 years of dragging myself and my family through half the churches in the city that I live in...... I have found that largely those that congregate at these gatherings are primarily those who have ‘Added’ Christ to ‘Their’ lives. Some very fine and good people by the way, but yet mostly when you get them alone one on one do not much exhibit the fragrance of those that have touched His holy robe. I remember how this bothered me so much. I could’nt understand it. It troubled me how I could get with Gods people and find the conversation so earthly. I had supposed that most people in these things we call ‘Churches’ had received the same witness of the Spirit that I had and I just found it not to be so.
And so as the years have rolled by and I still come face to face with these multitudes that wear a beautiful garment on the outside, but if you get them alone you find that their heart betrays the ‘witness of the Spirit’.
I say with a grieved heart, that I believe that the ‘Doctrine of the Remnant ‘ is true. And what I have portrayed in my experience testifies of this terrible thing. As with many things in the Kingdom of God, that which is true here on earth are reversed in that realm. And so it is in this matter. Here on earth you find wheat fields mostly of wheat with a few tares sown in the midst. It would seem to me that concerning the kingdom of God after the fall..... that weeds, tares, thorns and the like seem to grow in abundance.
The real point I would like to make in all of this is this......
While I think that is is true that on any given day in any given congregation that there are more than likely only a ‘few’ that have been born from above.....
Does this bother you? Does it trouble you at all? If you listen to the heart and spirit of Tozer as he gave this word, you will find a sadness. I think it must have troubled him greatly that a people could gather themselves together under the auspices of a Church and go about their years in life as a group of individuals that have never passed from death unto life. They have known a church, but not a Lord. They have known ‘Bethel’ the house of God. But have not known ‘El-Bethel’ the God of the house of God’
I can say myself as well, it bothers me to this day. As much as you want to cannot wish the glorious new birth upon any man.... it comes by an act of divine providence. And I would say to you as Tozer would so eloquently say.... ‘If you have a window opened to your soul, if you can hear that voice’ you ought to get on your knees everyday and thank Him for it. For you are a rarity indeed. And I might add, if that flame does burn in your heart still .... engage yourself in finding and encouraging those lost ones with the window on the top side... they may just need you to open it a little bit.

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 Re: Doctrine of the remnant

Yes !
We know The Lord has a remnant,.. that He will never lose His Seed.

And yes, that is what happens when we come to The Lord,.. we become hungry to find, a people of God,... we would then call it a ‘Church’

So many people, I believe, do this, and they become whatever denomination they have come to, and began to be doctored / taught,
According to that denomination, You are fortunate if that did not happen to you.
We are to just love people,.. and remember God draws us at different times and teaches His Ways.

And we cannot be overly concerned if people are different from us,.. the people of God are, a set apart / peculiar people.,... if we are led by His Spirit,.. in so much, as it will probably bring about persecution.

But in that, is the workings of God, that draws some unto Himself.
A death to you ,.. but bringing Life to others.... because of the Life that is in you / me / or draws others to Christ.

That is why the world is NOT being turned upside down.

It is being turned onto the world worse and worse.

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the way thereof, are the ways of death”.....(and not Life)

Hope I am understanding you right,..?


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 Re: Doctrine of the remnant

IMO the Holy Spirit led the remnant out years ago

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