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Brumley Missouri

 Prayer Warriors! Here's some fruit "Army Awakening In MO."

Hello from Missouri,

I have some great news for all prayer warriors, (I like the term "pray'ers.")

Anyway, this was rumored several months ago, and confirmed in the Missouri Southern Baptist newsletter, "The Pathways."
Link to the article will be at the bottom.

All pray'ers that I know and talk with have been praying for a move of God, throughout the world, but with an intense fervor in their immediate area.

Well, I read that there is a glorious move of God, happening on the Army base at Fort LeonardWood, MO. about 36 miles from where I live.

This is because of fervent prayer from all around the world. Keep Praying brothers and sisters in Christ...
I encourage you to keep your ear to the ground and post when God moves in your area.

You can read the article right here.

Acts 4:4
Howbeit many of them which heard the word believed; and the number of the men was about five thousand.

William Cato

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Joplin, Missouri

 Re: Prayer Warriors! Here's some fruit "Army Awakening In MO."

I live in the Joplin area. Very close to you. This is fantastic! God is at work. I praise God for this.


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