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I just innocently shared about a movie I went to see on Sunday. Because of that you had me promoting a antichrist movie and now I guess you are suggesting I am trying to subvert the purpose of the forum. Is it so wrong to make a few innocent remarks about a movie to folks on this forum that I have come to like? Are we allowed to chat between ourselves just a little at times? You can be a smart alec Pharisee all you want but I note you are the only one upset so far. Out of respect for Greg and the forum why don't you end it here?

Grace and blessings.

David Winter

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for personal matters and especially if you feel obliged to correct someone on personal matters please usually do this privately in most cases in love.

We are locking this thread to minimize more discussion on this.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2018/9/5 6:32Profile

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