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Hemel Hempstead

 Shallow Christianity

It is so hard at this time when you have read alot of Christian literature, because most Christians in the previous generation used to have some sort of Christian background, it is so sad as Christianity has become both anti intellectual and it is sometimes harder to speak to main Christian leaders than Tim cook from apple as they tend to be closed minded and shut down everything.
It is hard when most people are wrestling through the ideas of how homosexually and transitive culture is impacting society. I was in university seeing the actual fruit of our culture .
It seems we live in a society where sermons comment on culture but there is not the power of God there to sort it out
What I find so shocking is that we are living with a church that is at the most antiintellectual

I have listened to sermonaudio the radio station the whole day through sometimes and it seems that it is dominated by reformed Calvinists , as with Christian television and media is dominated by either the prosperity gospel preachers or the entertainment preachers which is also shallow or NAR people.

Shallow Christianity can sort out Christian problems , it seems we live in churches that are shallow also, seeing people once a week for fellowship and maybe twice if you have a cell group.

Where is the discussion of scripture or actually learning things new , to me it is hard for me when you have read bible commentarys for fun and know most of the archaeologicaly from memory , I want to grew deeper.

To me Christianity seems to be run by Christian cartels whether reformed or prosperity gospel.

When I was younger I went through three church splits and when you have been through that, you start treating church members as family

I also find things like prayer teams and things like that abhorrant , why should I trust personal information with someone I do not know, when the person in the prayer team barely prays at all and just asked on a rota till fill time

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Shallow Christianity

Sad but true,
However, I am encouraged because this is not the first time Christianity have gone through dark times. And what turned the tide? People that got frustrated and took their frustration to God. Brother, this frustration, this holy discontentment that you have can be wonderful if you channel it in the right direction. Upward, that is.
A century a go, a young single man looked around and saw how the devil had a field day, and Christians were powerless and dead. It bothered him so much to the point he was going mad. He kept seeking the Lord for answers until He sent the Spirit and we had the Welsh Revival.
He asked God for 100,000 souls but many millions were affected by this Revival.
Since then I learned that to be frustrated about the right things is a gift not many possess. But how to channel it can lead either to the salvation of many or one's own faith being wrecked.


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Amen Fifi & Dominic

I think a lot of Christians share this frustration. It would be wonderful to see a true revival in our day. I will join you in prayer for this turning point to come.
It is painful seeing so many ungodly movements receiving so much publicity and prominence in the media. Children are being taught such diabolical nonsense and the church seems relatively powerless in its counter force.

Dominic, your point about the ‘Christian cartels’ is interesting. These are powerful, influential organisations with huge reach, fuelled by the last 20 years of the internet. They can have a tremendous impact for good or an equally opposing effect for ill. I’ve been personally ministered to by these ministries and edified greatly but also see much harm being done to the church when they become corrupted. Across all denominations there seem to be sound ministries as well as corrupt ones.

But what a joy to be saved and have a heart for those caught up in the godless worldly movements and rotten ‘Christian’ organisations. Let us keep ourselves pure and allow the Spirit to work and bless those within our circle of influence. As mentioned, from small beginnings come mighty acts of God in transforming lives & nations.



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Joined: 2005/1/6
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Hemel Hempstead


I agree but to me I think the church needs a revival first , how can we expect the world to come to Christ if the church has nothing to offer her.
When we present Christianity is it a form of biblical Christianity , is it detrimental that preachers do not study because God has given them something that it is against the bible.
We need the holy spirit but the bible promises Christian persecution, the revival in Iran did not take place until persecution but the church
I disagree with the view of the pre tribulation rapture and Calvinism which are two popular views among say Christian media.
I do find the numerous sermons shallow when you are into thing like bible manuscripts and biblical archaeology , the depth of preaching seems shallow even regarding things like rveival history which I have studied since school
I have been listening to sermonaudio and I find it all from one perspective
It is almost silient on the ideas of Christian censorship as in a few years there could be none due the fact that we can be shut down from things like YouTube and even from isps
It is so hard listening to sermons when you have listened and read commentaries just for fun and have a general love of the bible
To me the church is shallow in the way it deals with people's problems and assumes that everyone comes from America , it assumes people are not from broken families. There are assumptions made when people start preaching.

My heart breaks because I can check up on what most pastors or preachers say through say using Google or other biblical commentaries .

The thing is what I long for is true fellowship where the scripture can be discussed to some doeth and society , a true body of Christ

I look at the church and I wonder where is the true bride of Christ ?

To me giving the world shallow answers from shallow preachers will not save a world that needs Jesus

Dominic Shiells

 2018/8/21 7:19Profile

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