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 Transcription of Sermon Service


This sister does an EXCELLENT job as unto the Lord in transcribing sermons, in the future we will try and work with her to see any work done.

I just wanted to recommend her to others, she helps with Shane Idlemans sermons.


Why have your sermons transcribed?
Many theological books were birthed from the sermons of gifted teachers and preachers. It’s beneficial to the body of Christ—and for the expansion of the kingdom—to get sermons reproduced into the written word for many reasons:

Most people prefer to read a sermon transcript (or part of a transcript) rather than listen to an audio or watch a video, mostly because of time constraints
Sermon transcripts are a fantastic starting point for manuscripts, tracts, pamphlets, blogs, and journal articles
The hearing impaired or those without audio capabilities can still be blessed by your message
People researching a topic often do not have time to listen to an entire sermon when looking for answers to specific questions, so having your sermon text online helps them find what they’re looking for
Excerpts of sermon transcripts can be shared on Facebook and Twitter or through email or text
Some people prefer reading to listening, and others like to read while watching or listening, which reinforces content
Search engine optimization (SEO)—written text online will be picked up by search engines, making sermons or other media easier to find
Transcripts can be translated into other languages
Text-based sermon transcripts make studying and finding content easier:
Allow for keyword searches and highlighting
Can be printed out and used in personal study or devotions
Links can be inserted into a PDF or on a website to other resources on your site
Give classes, small groups, families, and individuals an effective way to use your sermons as a study guide
Simply put, you can reach more people with the Word of God when you have your sermons transcribed and posted online.

Why choose Reformed Editorial Services?

I specialize in Christian nonfiction and therefore have a working knowledge of proper verse formatting, theological terms and names, and even Greek and Hebrew words. I also have a passion for getting the gospel message out in print—and know the power of the written word and the internet. I guarantee a 99.9% accuracy rate, or it’s free.

So visit my website for more information (and to learn about the other services I offer) or contact me today, and let’s get your message out there—from the preached word to the hands of the reader.

Liz Smith

Reformed Editorial Services

Editing, Proofreading, Indexing, Print & E-book Formatting, Sermon Transcription
(336) 514-2331

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 Re: Transcription of Sermon Service

Thank you, brother, for your kind endorsement of my work. I just joined SermonIndex and saw this post.

I do highly enjoy working with Christian pastors and authors and am so thankful God has gifted me with the skills to support people in the ministry this way--whether it's editing or sermon transcription or even indexing or formatting a book.

God uses every single project that I work on to admonish, teach, edify, and/or encourage me. Just yesterday I was brought to tears while working on a sermon transcription regarding how Hezekiah brought down the high places, and I was moved to "clean house" even further, examining our daily goings on--that perhaps something was in the way--and the Lord will hear our prayers for revival in our own household, in our church, and in our land.

To God be the glory,
Liz Smith

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