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Now, I wouldn't mind making Mexico the 51st state, we can then take some easy military action and clean out the billion dollar killers.

But I know too that in my own country the Hillaries and the other liberal loons would love to get their hands on that drug money as well. We have our own corruption problems and we see it every single day...especially when a news source cannot tell us the truth about anything, just a biased propaganda piece about how awful President Trump is and how the liberals have a 'better idea'. So they use current events to wrap their propaganda piece in then sell it to the public as 'concerns over the actions of the President'.

In my many many conversations Ive had over the years with my Mexican friends they know as well as I do, they need a new broom to sweep away the monsters that exploit them and exploit the americans. Nothing short of that will solve their problems.

A big wall and a big budget and big guns and big media watch dogs are only band-aids soaked in soap that have no hope of improving the plight of Mexicans and giving them a reason to stay and live in their own country.

In my uninformed and useless opinion the Leaders of our country like it as it is, the leaders in Mexico like it as it is, the symbiotic relationship we have is beneficial to both. I believe this because NO ONE in the last 50 years has proposed anything that will change the course of Mexican business and government that would curtail the mass exodus coming from Mexico to America.
Our leaders are very happy to keep it as it is, they get all that illegal immigrant labor to exploit for low wages, no benefits so that we have all the farm workers, factory workers, minimum pay workers in retail and food industry we want.
We depend upon them, we need them and in the end when we talk about walls or border patrols or some few extraditions' its a lot cheaper than using American workers.

I see it as useless talking points to keep the americans feeling like they are going to get something done about illegal immigrants...but its a joke on us. Nothing is going to be done because our leaders we voted in, they know the back story and that story is more important than the medias usage of crying babies and drugs coming in our country.

When Israel or some other country is confronted by terrorists, bombs and government corruption...we talk about bombing the tar out of their enemies...but Mexico, we don't spend a cab fare to visit any leader there in order to affect any change...because our leaders want it this way.


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