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Thanks Dave. I appreciate your encouragement and your prayers for our brother. As I receive new updates I will continue to post them.


 2018/5/11 14:05

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Brother Blaine,

Thank you Brother for the prayer calls that you have hosted for Andrew Brunson. I was on another prayer call and a sister was on there that was telling me about the 24 hour prayer call, and how good it was.

I can’t understand why Brother Greg would not allow you to post these prayer calls any more. They are for our suffering brothers and sisters that are giving their lives for the cause of Christ.

Brother Blaine,
Please let me know when you have one of these prayer calls and I will get this information out to intercessors all across the nation.


 2018/5/12 9:41Profile

 Re: Mike

Brother I share your heart sentiment. But I must abide by the rules and respect Greg's leadership. Nonetheless I do share your heart sentiment. I will be glad to send you information privately when we have future 24-hour calls. I feel pretty sure we will convene another call as our brother's trial comes up in July. That is unless God miraculously intervenes and set them free. In which case we will have a 24-hour call of glorious praise. ☺

I appreciate the testimony the sister gave of our last call. I believe it was annointed because we partnered with the Lord Jesus and 7 other global ministries to lift our brother up in prayer. Also to pray for persecuted brothers and sisters who are in the shadow of the cross.

On our last call there were no agendas or egos. The only agenda we were concerned with was that of the Lord Jesus Christ in his glory.

Appreciate your heart for Jesus brother.


 2018/5/12 14:34

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