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From one of my ministry partners...

/// Brunson was returned to the prison he was first detain. Reports say he to the judge he had a nervous breakdown and was on anti-depressants.

Leaving the trial, Norene (Andrew's wife) was described as upset and refused to speak to the media. Doesn't surprise me. ///


 2018/4/16 21:08


As of right now I have no new updates on Andrew Brunson. What we do know is that his trial will continue on Monday, May 7th.  And he has been returned to the prison in which he was detained. It had been hoped that he could be released on bail. But the Turkish authorities thought otherwise.

This does give us time to keep praying and pressing into God. This does give us time to pray for the victory of Jesus to be realized in this situation. I sense in my spirit that we are in a time of spiritual warfare over our brother.

I am in contact with other ministry partners about the possibilities of launching a 24-hour orayer call.  The focus of the call will be to intercede for our brother Andrew Brunson. Also to intercede for the persecuted church in Turkey and Syria as well as other parts of the world.  The call would start Saturday night, May 5th and continue thru Sunday May 6th. This will be the weekend before Andrew's trial which will be on Monday, May 7th.

Please keep this in your prayers. Information about the call will be forthcoming.

I remember what happened when there were 24 hour calls for Rifka Berry and Saeed Abedini.  As a result of prolonged intense prayer God showed up in a remarkable way in these situations. I can't help but think that another 24-hour call could be the tipping point regarding our brother and justice and victory on his behalf.


 2018/4/17 15:09

 Re: Link to Open Doors Article Regarding Andrew Brunson


 2018/4/17 15:18

 Re: From Capitol Hill Prayer Partners

Pastor Andrew's Trial Takes Bleak Turn

Pastor Andrew's Trial Takes Bleak Turn

- Judge Refuses Release, Delay's Trial, Returns Pastor to Grim Turkish Prison

After one day of trial, the situation just took a bleak turn for Pastor Andrew.

At the conclusion of the first day of his trial - a day filled with video testimony of secret prosecution witnesses whose voices and appearances were disguised - the Turkish judge ordered that Pastor Andrew be returned to the notoriously overcrowded and grim prison, where Pastor Brunson was originally imprisoned. The judge refused to release Pastor Andrew.

The judge ordered that the trial not resume until May 7th.

The delay and return to a much worse prison is an escalation of his case.

Pastor Andrew is on trial because of his Christian faith. The 62-page indictment accuses him of the supposed "crime" of "Christianization," calling it an act of terror. If convicted, he faces a 35-year prison sentence - which for the 50-year-old pastor is essentially a life sentence.

Today's ruling sends him back to a prison he had been in months ago - a prison that is severely overcrowded with almost two dozen inmates packed into a small cell.

This places Pastor Andrew in further danger.

ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow stated:

Instead of being returned to the prison where he had been held most recently, the judge ordered Pastor Andrew to be taken back to an overcrowded and extremely grim prison where he was held initially. As you can imagine, the news is devastating to Pastor Andrew and his family.

At the American Center for Law and Justice - we are stepping up our aggressive campaign to secure the freedom of Pastor Andrew. Between now and the next court date of May 7th - we have an important opportunity - to turn up the pressure on the Turkish government.

The next three weeks are critical for Pastor Andrew and his family. Stand with the ACLJ as we work on the international front as well as at the highest levels of our government to keep Pastor Andrew's case in the headlines. We are grateful for everyone who has stood with us during the legal battle. But these next three weeks are VERY CRITICAL. We have to turn up the pressure - work even harder to secure the release of Pastor Andrew.

We are aggressively fighting for his freedom. We must increase the diplomatic pressure on Turkey to release this innocent U.S. citizen. The fact that Senator Tillis - Pastor Andrew's home state Senator - and Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback were present at today's trial is an important step.

Turkey must understand that as a NATO ally it cannot be allowed to continue wrongfully imprisoning an innocent U.S. citizen.

We are aggressively working in Congress, with the State Department and the White House, and at the U.N. to fight for Pastor Andrew's freedom. He needs your voice now more than ever. (Read more)

Jay Sekulow

American Center for Law and Justice

 2018/4/18 9:36

 Re: Link to ACLJ Article Regarding Andrew Brunson

 2018/4/18 9:41


I see President Trump spoke publicly in defense of the pastor this morning...............bro Frank

 2018/4/18 10:44


/// I see President Trump spoke publicly in defense of the pastor this morning...............bro Frank ///

Thank you for sharing this brother. I will check this out. I think there is a greater depth to this Andrew's trial. Still trying to get revelation from the Lord on this. But it seems that all of the eyes of the world are on what is happening to this brother in Turkey.

For the longest time does Andrew Brunson's sufferings were reported by Jay Sekulow and other persecution ministries. Now most of the main line media are picking up on the story of Andrew Brunson.

For the longest time the fear of this dear brother is that he would be forgotten. That is what Satan wanted. God had a different plan.

This is why I endeavor to keep this thread up on the board. We cannot forget about this brother. For this brother is the testimony of the persecuted church. We cannot forget about our persecuted brethren.

God has called us to remember those in prison as if we were their fellow prisoners. He has called us remember those who are suffering is if we ourselves are suffering. For we all are one body of Christ.

In the 1960s John F Kennedy gave one of his greatest speeches at Berlin. I cannot repeat the German phrase but basically he said in German I am a Berliner. We need to have the same attitude that we are the persecuted church. This is what I believe our brother Andrew Brunson represents. He is the persecuted church. We are the persecuted church.

Let us remember Andrew Brunson and our persecuted brothers and sisters in our prayers.

Blaine Scogin

 2018/4/18 11:33

 Re: Link to President Tweeting Support for Andrew Brunson

 2018/4/18 11:44

 Re: Link to CBN Srticle Regarding Andrew Brunson

 2018/4/18 12:55

 Re: This Just Sent to Me

Hope he lives until the court hearing. Today his daughter said he was broken when he learned he had to go back to the original prison he started at—where he lost 50 lbs.

Time is of the essence.

Anyway, take care!


 2018/4/18 17:13

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