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 Trial of Andrew Brunson

Trial of American Missionary pastor Andrew Brunson is presently taking place in Turkey. Please keep him on your prayers.


 2018/4/16 9:38

 Re: Trial of Andrew Brunson

Artcle link to ACLJ article on Andrew Brunson.


 2018/4/16 9:46

 Re: Latest Update on Andrew Brunson

ABC Article. Andrew Brunson terrorist charges in trial.


 2018/4/16 9:57

 Re: Andrew Brunson Cries at Turkish Trial


 2018/4/16 11:26


This in from one of my minustry partners.

/// Just watched Jay Seculow live on Facebook. He says it will take a miracle for Andrew to be released. That if it happens, it will only be because God has done it. He asked for everyone to pray right now. ///

Please pray.


 2018/4/16 13:05

 Re: Andrew Brunson

Andrew Brunson...We Wait and Pray

Isaiah 50:10-11

Who among you fears the LORD and listens to his servant? Who among you walks in darkness, and has no light? Let him trust in the name of the LORD; let him lean on his God.

Look, all you who kindle a fire, who encircle yourselves with torches; walk in the light of your fire and of the torches you have lit! This is what you'll get from my hand: you will lie down in a place of torment.


As I write this it is about 9:45 p.m. in Turkey. The trial of Andrew Brunson at least for today has already concluded. As of right now no decision regarding his innocence or guilt has been forthcoming.

This is simply one of those times in which many of us as intercessors are not getting a clear answer from the Spirit. It is as if God has us in a state of waiting on him. And so we wait. We wait with expectation that God will answer. We certainly do not want to walk in the light of our own understanding.

In this case no news may be good news. But yet dealing with the government of Turkey who can say. As I spoke with a sister earlier she said one thing Muslims will do is play on our emotions. But we as believers in Christ will put ourselves before the Lord who holds all of history in his hands. We will wait upon him and see his will one way or the other in the outcome of what will happen to our brother.

Our hearts go out and cry out for his release. But we realize that God's will is to bring about his glory and His glory alone.. So whatever the outcome of this case will be. We wait upon the will of God that will bring glory to his name.

I urge all who read this please continue to lift our brother and his family up in prayer. For sure we want our brother to be released and reunited with his family. Let us all pray that the will of God be done. That which will glorify him.

Blaine Scogin

 2018/4/16 14:07

 Re: Latest Update Regarding Andrew Brunson

Update: The Turkish court has decided to keep Pastor Andrew in jail pending trial over alleged links to a group accused of orchestrating the failed 2016 military coup in Turkey. NTV reported the next hearing will be on May 7.)

Father, we give you praise with the knowledge that Your ways and plans are always perfect. You’re with us and will never forsake us. You care deeply for our dear brother Andrew, yet allowed him to go into captivity in this season. Though we may not fully understand, You are never wrong, so we give thanks and worship You. We pray for the leadership of Turkey and those in charge of this trial taking place in Izmir, a place once known as Smyrna. May their hearts be softened towards our brother and false accusations against him be brought into the light. We pray for the Gospel to go forth in Turkey. That understanding will come and the Truth of salvation in Christ be revealed to the Turkish people. Heavenly Father, whatever the outcome of this trial, we accept Your will. But if it pleases You to show our brother mercy, we ask You for his release. In Jesus Holy name, we pray.


 2018/4/16 17:30

 Re: Andrew Brunsom Sent to Worse Prison

CBM reports that Andrew Brunson has been sent to a prison that is much worse than the one he was in. The article does confirm that his trial will continue on May 7th.

It had been hoped that that our brother, Andrew, would have been released on bail and he would have been with his dear wife, Norine. But the Turkish government saw otherwise.

Though disappointing. Actually I see that this may be the prayers of the saints staying the hand of the evil one from doing a slam dunk here. Previously it had been thought that the Turkish government would find Andrew Brunson guilty and send him away to prison. But the fact that the government is delaying a verdict in the trial of Andrew Brunson would indicate that God's hand is in control of the situation.

I ask you saints to please keep this brother in your prayers. Will continue to post updates in this thread as the news comes available to me.

I sense that spiritual war is brewing over our brother and God is saying to the world have you considered my servant Andrew Brunson. The fact that we are have three weeks before the next hearing means that we can press in in our prayers for this dear brother.

Link to CBN article is below.


 2018/4/16 18:45


Seems like our brother is caught up in a bigger game with Turkey wanting "their guy," back because they believe he was behind the recent attempted coup. Either way it is shocking treatment of one Nato member to another and another sign of Turkey sliding back in the morass from whence they came. Let us not forget that it was Turkey who wiped out the Arminian population at the beginning of the last century for the mere fact of them being Christian..............bro Frank

 2018/4/16 18:52


/// Let us not forget that it was Turkey who wiped out the Arminian population at the beginning of the last century for the mere fact of them being Christian..............bro Frank ///

Agreed my brother. So agree. Do not know what this upcoming trial will be for our brothers and sisters in Turkey. But we keep praying.


 2018/4/16 18:58

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