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We could just sit back for a few days and see what happens. I suspect not much.


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Hi Brother Blaine:

Seriously, why trivialize everything that seems like a minor point to you?

"The question to all of us is are we going to go deeper in Jesus. Are we going to speak to others about their need of him. Or get hung up on needless debates such as the election where theologians have not come to a resolution after 500 years of debate.

Even if we saw the destruction of Damascus which Isaiah 17 predicts. I'm sure the debates on the election will still continue. Even after the nuclear explosions are occurring.

At this point all I can say is God have mercy on us."

This, event, and the prophecies in the scriptures and pre-mid-post trib have been hotly debated for 40 years now, because it wasn't the topic at the time, will you trivialize that as well if this all blows over?

Maybe after the big BOOM and you stand before Christ to give account of our life and he asks you; What did you do before the bomb? You get to say, I treated any subject that I was not personally invested in as a light thing. They did too much arguing...Maybe, just maybe the Lord might say
"Did I tell you what they were doing was unimportant to me?" Or did you assume it?

But, at the very least you will get a chance to meet me, and know I was nothing like the ogre-mean-argumentative-monster that should go away. I loved the Lord with all my heart, I sought the Lord in simplicity, I rejoiced in God's mercies every day, I didn't seek to complicate the faith, I sought to live out my faith which is far deeper, and far greater than 'simple' allowed me. But who cares what's important now is nuclear threat and Christian death camps. I'm sure without debate that will be a joyful celebration of Christian encouragement?

Isnt it strange so many countries in the world have been ravaged and burnt to the ground...and no one was looking for that country in the bible? Why not? Because it was not our skin that was going to be burnt.
American Christians seem to presuppose that if America goes down the tubes, nothing less that a full rapture and judgment on the world would be required if any of us die.

Don't you ever wonder about our self-importance and how that seems to thrust forward all prophecy into the next few weeks?

Posted in reasonable sobriety.


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There is always a danger when one speaks of the return or shall I say the soon return of Jesus of being labeled a fool. Or being labeled a fear monger. Or being labeled conspiratorial. Or being labeled feel in the______

For I'm guilty as charged.

For I do believe in assume return of Jesus. I believe the signs as given in the gospel accounts are increasing in greater frequency.

Even if this event in Syria does blow over. And in a way I will pray it does. The signs will still continue to increase in frequency. If it not be this crisis there will be another crisis that will precipitate the soon return of Jesus.


 2018/4/12 19:35

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Bear said..."Even if this event in Syria does blow over. And in a way I will pray it does".

In a way you pray it does? In every way I pray it does, no one wants thousands of lives lost to a knee jerk moment. I do believe there is a strategy being prepared, were less lives will be lost, of course even one life is to many. Bear, if it's any consolation, every forum needs their own conspiracy theorist, it keeps folks thinking, I personally thank you. :-)


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Bill I was not the one that launched chemical attacks on my own people. You talk of people dying. It was Bashar Assad that launched the chemical attacks. Or at least that's what the preliminary evidence indicates

This is the person that President Trump is holding accountable for his actions. This is the person that Russia and Iran are defending.

The President must carefully weigh his actions. For any action against Bashir Assad could very well bring us into conflict with Iran and Russia.

Yes we want this situation to blow over and God's will to be done. But for sure if Assad is not held accountable for his actions that he will surely launch more chemical attacks on his own people.

In a way it's durned if you do and durned if you don't. Whatever President Trump decides to do people may very well die. May Gid give him wiadom.


 2018/4/12 19:51

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Well, I guess what matters the most is, that we can all still love each other in the mist of our many disagreements.


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 Re: Are America's Days Numbered???

A Word of comfort,.. for us all,

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.“

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.“

We know that Steven had to go through some tough things, but wouldn’t we believe that Steven had ‘perfect love’ ? He saw his hope even before he died,... (he saw Jesus sitting on the right hand of God )

( Steven went through this for the sake of The Lord)

I would think that Steven’s ‘perfect love’ ,and ours is to,..
Love The Lord “our God”(but who is God, but The Spirit/Word,) with ALL our heart, with ALL of soul, with ALL our minds, with ALL strength,.

That is the only way that I see,..Or believe, that we can have complet peace,... completely cast upon The Lord ,.. and fully TRUSTING Him.

Lovingly always,❤️

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Elizabeth, thank you for sharing those scriptures, that is the place we must look to for all current events in the world or we will lose heart.

Or we will look at each other and bite and devour.

I think enough has been shared on the thread, let us pray for each other to stand strong in the days ahead no matter what comes, Jesus is our hiding place our rock of refuge.

This thread is now locked.

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