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 Unholy Bible: Beijing demands a rewrite of the scriptures

China has removed the Bible and other Christian books from online bookstores as part of what observers say is President Xi Jinping’s demand that all religions in the country be “Sinicized.”

To be “Sinicized,” the Bible would have to be rendered compatible with the beliefs and programs of the Chinese Communist ideology and purged of Western influence and control, Breitbart News noted in an April 4 report.

The Marxist-Leninist ideology denies the existence of God.

Last week, China announced its effort to enhance “Chinese-style Christianity” by re-interpreting and re-translating the Bible.

The announcement came in a “white paper” on “religious freedom,” titled “Principles for Promoting the Chinese Christianity in China for the Next Five Years (2018-2022),” which was launched in Nanjing on March 28, two days before bibles started disappearing from websites, the Breitbart report said.

The Bible is not officially approved by the Chinese government for publication and therefore is technically an illegal publication that cannot be sold and can only be circulated in churches.

China “manages religious affairs in accordance with the law, adheres to the principle of independence and self-management, actively guides religions to adapt to the socialist society, and unites religious believers and non-believers to the greatest extent,” the white paper stated.

Breitbart noted that “The keyword search for ‘bible’ on the Chinese social media platform Weibo saw a massive spike on March 31, followed by a sharp nose dive to zero on April 1, spawning suspicions that the government had censored the word.”

At the same time, coinciding with the publication of the white paper, users of Chinese social media starting observing that Bibles were vanishing from e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba’s Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon China and – China’s biggest online bookstore. Searches for the bible at online shops began turning up “no results,” the report said.

Some on social media have posted screenshots of their chats with bookshop owners who said they were forced to take the Bible off their shelves.

Zhang Yijiong, the leader of the United Front Work Department (UFWD), which oversees religion in China, said at the October Chinese Communist Party Congress that any religious faith must subscribe to the country’s “socialist core values.”

Zhang said the party had a long way to go to “Sinicize” religion, which required preventing anyone from “taking advantage of religion to harm national security” and “endangering national unity.”

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 Re: Unholy Bible: Beijing demands a rewrite of the scriptures

I have not taken memorizing scripture very seriously because scripture is so readily at our fingertips here. I have memorized large chunks in the past but I don’t remember them now.

In general I know the content of scripture pretty well (but not memorized) and I have considered memorizing an outline of the the Bible which would bring passages to mind.

I would appreciate others thoughts on how they memorize scripture.


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Given the fact that the world's greatest revival has been taking place in China for the last several years. It only seems natural that the devil is counter-attacking with full force.

Those who have been tracking persecution in China have said that the church may very well enter a period of persecution which may rival if not exceed that of the cultural revolution.

The fact that the Chinese government wants to ban the Bible from China should come as no surprise. It only means that Bibles will become even more scarce and more precious than that nation.

We must continue to keep the church in China in our prayers. For it seems that a new generation of Christians will soon pay the price for following Jesus.

Dear God strengthen our brothers and sisters in China. Grant them grace and mercy to endure what will surely be incrrased persecution in the days ahead.


 2018/4/7 22:28

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Weve been sinicizing in our country for over a 100 years now. It's called liberal theology.


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 Re: Memorizing Scripture

Hi Brother,
My kids and I work on memorizing one verse a night, and keep adding the next verse each night. She may need refreshing, but my 5 yr old daughter knows Psalm 23, Psalm 34, Isaiah 53, Jude, and half of Romans 8 by heart. In the beginning, I would randomly recite/quiz them on the verse throughout the day as well. I will likely start that part again now.

I got the idea of memorizing whole chapters from a brother in a sermon series on parenting - Joe Schimmel of Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley, CA.

~ Forrest

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 Re: Unholy Bible: Beijing demands a rewrite of the scriptures

even China changed the Bible... GOD's words will remain unchanged...

 2018/4/9 13:27

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