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 The Emperor Has No Clothes On


By David Drew

In this issue:

1. The Emperor Has No Clothes On
2. End-Times Deception and the Love of Babylon
3. The Disturbing Outcome of the First Reformation
4. A Word From the Lord - March 26, 2018


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 Re: The Emperor Has No Clothes On

Very good Mike..............bro Frank

 2018/4/7 11:47

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 Re: The Emperor Has No Clothes On

from the article;

Now there is a final rider to all of this. The abandonment of “self” requires that self must never be resurrected to take over again. It’s a matter of each one who would follow Me denying themselves,taking up their cross and following me. To turn back and lets self dominate again is offensive to Us.

This is particularly convicting and it reminds me of Abraham's sacrifice in Genesis 15. After offering the sacrifice he stood by it to chase away the vultures that tried to steal it away. Having offered myself as a "living sacrifice" , I must chase away the old man from taking charge again.

In Christ,

Ron Halverson

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 Re: The Emperor Has No Clothes On

I know this line of thought well, having read (the late) Dave Hunt's Berean Call newsletters for many years, and agree with parts 1 - 3 entirely. Hunt and T. A. McMahon did painstaking documentation to prove what these parts address in a cursory fashion.

But where the whole thing falls flat for me is in part 4. Suddenly David Drew is God's 'mouthpiece' of the hour: "This message to you (David) must be a message shared with others who bear Our name, who will in turn share it with others."


"For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" (1 Timothy 2:5).

I'll stick with the risen Messiah.

Anyone with even a modicum of spiritual maturity (like Zac Poonen, for instance) does not need to tell his audience that God is speaking through him and therefore he should be heeded. Good fruit is self-evident.

 2018/4/8 8:33

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