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Discussion Forum : Welcome & Intro : Wanting to know Jesus more and learn to submit my will for His

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 Wanting to know Jesus more and learn to submit my will for His

I was led to know who Christ is from this guy Matthew in 7th grade at 13 years old, he was bold in gathering together other kids at school and playing worship songs on the the grass in front of our school after class. He invited me to his home for a bible study, I did go and listened. Later in high school Matthew was doing the same thing as I remember feeling embarrassed as he asked me to sit down and sings some songs. My other friends laughed at what I was doing so that was my last time I remember seeing Matthew, my life continued in sinful ventures in smoking cigarettes and pot. I tried LSD and cocaine, started masturbating at 13. In 10th grade at 16 years old I was ditching classes for 1/2 a semester as both my parents worked and answer machines weren't invented yet, I was kicked out and sent to a continuation school. I was a rebellious brat, it started from 3rd grade as I was held back. All my friends were 1 grade ahead and I was teased, I eventually graduated 12 grade at 19. I met this girl who was used by the Lord to invite me to a Vineyard church, after the service she told me I should go up and ask for prayer. I was embarrassed but I did, 3 people prayed and asked me if I have received Christ and I said no, they then asked would I like to and I said yes. I repented of my sins and either something left me or the Holy Spirit entered but didn't stay as a force rushed through me and I almost fell to the floor, I felt loved. That was my beginning in starting to know Jesus


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 Re: Wanting to know Jesus more and learn to submit my will for His

Hi Ken,
Your courage to post your first post here in such transparency is refreshing and the humble spirit required to do it.... sounds like you may be more submitted than you realize:)

So Ken a few quick questions, if you please-
How long ago was this, that you went forward And repented?
Do you attend a church regularly?
Do you read the Bible regularly?

Lifting you in prayer~


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 Re: Wanting to know Jesus more and learn to submit my will for His

I was listening to Derek Prince this morning and he said, "The Church would be revolutionized if Christians would reverse just TWO things.... the amount of time they spend watching TV and reading their Bible."

That stabbed me in the gut! Not that I watch a lot of TV but I'm guilty of watching it and having my favorite shows. But I did add up how much more time I would have to read the Bible and study it if I swapped them out.

So, here we go!!!

God bless you Brother,


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 Re: Wanting to know Jesus more and learn to submit my will for His

If you want to know Jesus, learn to walk in his foot steps. Bible study is good but that is only knowledge of Jesus. Knowing Jesus intimately comes by our walk. Repentance is not one time thing, we need to repent continuously from our Sins and turn to the Lord.


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