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 Re: Name a Sermon that Changed You

Many said it: 10 shekels and a shirt by Paris Reidhead
"My house shall be called a house of prayer" Jim Cymbala

Edit: "The Beauty of Nothing" - Richard Wurmbrand

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Paul: by Warren Litzman

Plus his book "Paul"

In Christ: Phillip


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 Re: changed forever

Houston TX - 1981

Were you there Mr. Bill?

Because I don't remember seeing you!

I was way up at the top!

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 Re: Mr. Ray

I wished I would have been there, my wife and I was still hanging out in the bars, we didn't accept Christ into our lives until 1995. Now my brother might have been there, he was saved back in the early 80's at a Jimmy Swaggart revival, I think around 1981-1982. I was only 30 in 1981 still young and dumb.


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One Thing You Lack by Art Katz

The Burning Bush by Zac Poonen


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 Re: Name a Sermon that Changed You

Dr.Spencer, “Such as I have” , it was at family camp through th A of G and the text was taken out of the Book of Acts and the lame man where Peter and John raised him and The Lord healed him. I’ve spent the rest of my life challenge d by that one sermon and the thought of always giving/doing with such as I have, in the Name of Jesus Christ.....fill in the blank.....


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 Re: Holy Ground by David Wilkerson

by David Wilkerson

The text is about Moses living in the wilderness for 40 years and then speaking to the Lord via the burning bush.

I first heard this message a few months after I gave my life to the Lord. It was so good that I immediately listened to it a second time.

Interestingly, this was a message by David Wilkerson when he was apparently at the height of his fame (prior to Times Square Church). The message was given in Lindale, Texas (for a Youth With A Mission conference) and Brother Ravenhill was in the audience.

The message is directed at Christian workers/ministers. Brother Wilkerson actually stepped down from preaching following this message for about a year. He made it clear in the message that he didn't want to preach the Gospel anymore if I don't have a clear picture and message of Jesus Christ.


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Art Katz and they crucified him and any sermon by art Katz
All of David Wilkersons sermons
Richard wembrants sermons and Corrie tan boom
All the classic revivalist such as d l moody , c h spurgeon
There have been so many sermons

The interesting thing about that sermon there was no worship before the sermon he just went straight into the sermon

Dominic Shiells

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Jacob Prasch has sermons "The Future History Of The Church Part 1,2,3" Im not sure they changed me but rather showed me that what God was showing me in Scripture was correct.
On the Totally opposite end of the scale and although I dont reccomend his views I think the sermon "Its Friday But Sundays Coming" by Tony Campolo shows a great deal of Joy and is a sermon that can just cheer you up on a bad day,urs staff

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 Re: Name a Sermon that Changed You

Paul Washer: Spiritual Warfare and Putting on the Armor of God. This one made a huge impact on me. Actually, it served as strong confirmation to what God was already speaking to me about this topic. I love Paul Washer. He challenges me in a way that drives me toward God.

Dan Mohler: Several sermons by Dan. I cannot point to one in particular. his message is very consistent so you don't have to listen to very many to understand what He is saying. It has drawn me into intimacy with God in a way that has been life-transforming. Highly recommend Dan.


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