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 Ah, Peter Ruckman Tribulation saints require works.

Most here are not a fan of Peter Ruckman.

But I for one am. Oughta be more junkyard dogs like him.

I can hardly wait to meet him in heaven. First the hugs and then a kick to the shins. He kinda has that effect. Still love though.

I remember the discussion about Macarthur and how it was said you could be saved and take the mark.

Nay Nay! First the Rapture, then the Tribulation. Tribulation saints are Salvation PLUS works. Pre-trib, no works required. During Trib, oh yes there are requirements. You cant take that mark.

Which is why 144k jews are gonna preach salvation plus works and an angel gonna fly with the gospel. Pre-trib aint NO angel preaching the gospel. Not ever never in 2k years.

I am Christian and believe it is the Lord Jesus Christ plus nothing. Tribulation is plus something. Because the trib saints are NOT the Bride. Like John the Baptist to Noah is not the Bride they are saints. Post rapture brothers and sisters are saints in the kingdom if they hold on to the end. We dont have to hold on, we are held to the end. No matter how messed up we get.

Most of you will disagree I am sure.

Yet perhaps some Christians will come by and give pause to thought. Only a minority are posters here. And I can guess this will be buried soon enough like all posts.

But I felt prompted to type it.


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