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 Richard Wurmbrand. Tortured for Christ movie

Thank you to SI for Wurmbrand resources. I just watched 'Beauty of Nothing". (again)

Had the privilege of hearing and meeting Richard and Sabina at a VOM conference years ago. A special time.

A movie is being released Mar 5 in certain theaters (as far as I know), promoted by Voice of the Martyrs. There is a need to reserve tickets as there is a minimum requirement to show the movie. Details are at

The churches should pack it out for this life changing story.




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 Re: Richard Wurmbrand. Tortured for Christ movie

Here are the trailers...

Tortured for Christ [The Movie] - Official Trailer #1

Tortured for Christ [The Movie] - Official Trailer #2

The Voice of the Martyrs presents the inspiring new movie Tortured for Christ, a cinematic retelling of the testimony of VOM founder Pastor Richard Wurmbrand as written in his international bestseller Tortured for Christ. This movie was produced to honor the 50th anniversary of the book’s 1967 release.

Filmed entirely in Romania, including in the very prison where Pastor Wurmbrand endured torture and solitary confinement, this powerful film uniquely presents the story with live action rather than interviews. The dialogue is presented in English, Romanian and Russian (with English subtitles) to hold to the authenticity of this true story.

See the movie in theaters beginning March 5, 2018. Purchase tickets at


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 Re: From the Sufferings Thread

This is one of the trailers to the upcoming movie that I posted on In the Fellowship of His Sufferings thread. Very powerful clip of solitary prayer.


Re: Loving and Prayibg for oyr Enemies
Sat. Afternoon
Dec. 23, 2017

My Brothers and Sisters,

When our persecuted family are arrested for their faith in Christ they have no access to a Bible. All they can do is pray. Such was the case with our brother Richard Wurmbrand.

As Richard was praying in his cell one day. The guard rushed in and in frustration said,

•••"You pray! You fool! Your wife is in prison, your son is an orphan. Your life is gone, and yet you still your imaginary God. What could you possibly have left to pray for?"•••

To which Richard gently replied,

•••" I was praying for you."•••

Below is a video from Voice of the Martyrs which shares the solitary prayers of Richard Wurmbrandt. This video is part of a movie which will be released the spring on the life of our dear brother in Christ.

In the early days of our prayer call one of our sisters shared a vision she had recieved from the Lord. She said she saw a man who was arrested for his faith in Christ. He was in a jail cell weeping. He was not weeping for himself but for his guard who did not know Jesus.

Jesus prayed for those who were crucifying him when he said Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Our persecuted brothers and sisters pray for those who persecute them and cry out that they will come to Christ for salvation. For their persecutors know not what they do. Only the love of Jesus Christ can restore them.



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