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I feel joyful and emotional watching Zac Poonen video for his wife's 75th birthday....

 2018/1/13 16:50

 I never knew....

I never knew how much she was to me,
I never knew how patient she could be;
I never realised until she went away
How much a woman helps a man each day;
And, oh, I never knew how thoughtless
I had been at times, until I saw her die.
I never knew the crosses that she bore
with smiling patience, or the griefts that were
upon her heart strings as she toiled away;
I only saw her smiles and thought her gay;
I took for granted joys that were not so,
I might have helped her then but didn't know.
I thought she worried needlessly, and yet
I see her life was bounded by regret;
I might have done much more for her had,
I but known her sorrows, or had thought to try.
But now that I'm alone at last I see
How much of pain her smiling hid from me.
I never knew how much I leaned upon
that little woman till I found her gone;
How much her patience, gentleness, and cheers
had meant to me through all those years;
How many little things she used to do
to smooth my path, Alas, I never knew!

 2018/1/13 16:58

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