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 had a talked with a dear Sister...

I had a talked with my sister in Christ over facebook and I told her that I still have a thick book from J.C. Ryle to read and she suggested that I should read the early Martyrs lives of early centuries instead. We talked about Zac Poonen too but like later preachers like J.C. Ryle, Charles Spurgeon and A.W. Tozer she told me that their teaching are off. I asked her what is the common denominator why she concluded that these modern preachers preaching were off? and she responded that, "she would have to verify about these men. But many seem to have a lot to say but do not live as Christ taught." I replied to her, "in what way they ought to live? like the Apostles to have things in common?" and she responded, "Yes, keeping the Apostles Doctrine..." she added that the church is supposed to love and provide one for another.

This dear sister of mine is living in Christian community like in the Books of Acts before who were sharing everything together and have in common.

I am uncertain how I feel about her opinions about these modern preachers. It seems to me that Christians should live like "exactly" like in the Books of Acts like what her and her Christian community are doing according to her.

People of this forum, what is your thoughts about this?

 2018/1/3 20:20

 Re: had a talked with a dear Sister...

Sister you can't go wrong with J.C. Ryle, Charles H Spurgeon, and A.W.Tozer. Nor can you go wrong reading about the early and modern martyrs. All are good. But always immerse yourself in the Word first and foremost. In doing so the Holy Spirit will give wisdom to your questions.

As ever these are my thoughts.


 2018/1/3 20:45

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 Re: had a talked with a dear Sister...

If you are looking at models not only how the early church was set up but also how they lived there are several different models, if you will present in scripture. Communal is not really found in the first century church however they did help serve one another and supplied to the meeting of each other’s needs. This is pretty much how the church functions in central Africa. By communal I mean separated from the local society and pretty much just keeping to themselves. What is you take on her statements and how is her local fellowship set up?


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 Re: had a talked with a dear Sister...


Lots of opinions out there...lots of writers that can make convincing points on why their opinion is Biblical. At the end of life it is Jesus we meet and have to give account to, not what some writer/preacher said. Always, compare what is being said with Scripture. There are lots of good writings/opinions out there but you must learn to discern which is Biblical and which is opinion.

To live in a community where all things are held in common is Biblical but not mandated by scriptural, if this makes sense. Personally, I find that lifestyle attractive but knowing human weaknesses not so sure it would work for everyone.

My opinion.


Sandra Miller

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