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Orange Park, FL

 How Many Church Services?

i know that no where in the Bible does it say that we are to attend church on sunday morning, sunday night, and wednesday night. although, i have observed that when i was younger, this was the norm (attending church 3 times a week). now, on the other hand, it is the norm to have church meetings ONLY on sunday mornings. i love going to church but having only 1 service a week is a little too infrequent for me. i like to go MORE. is today's church (that has only 1 service) simply not excited about meeting, or what? is there anyone else out there that likes to go MORE than once a week?


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Kansas City, Missouri

 Re: How Many Church Services?

Hello Dennis,

I sense your excitement for the Lord and let not your heart be troubled. Take a look through your local phone book and find some long-term care facilities or some residential mental health facilities, or possibly a children's home. The need is so great you could easily have Church 7 days a week. God's presence will be just as powerful if not more so in these areas as it will be in a Church!!

Go to the streets, go to the lanes, go to the highways and hedges and compel them to come in that God's House may be full. Preach, teach, live the (GO)spel, we are to GO!!

In Christ,

Tony Sexton

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 Re: How Many Church Services?

Hey you know Paul would talk until they fell out the windows, then would raise them from the dead and keep the fire going until it was time for the boat to leave. Now that was teaching preaching and signs and wonders :-D

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 Re: Hey TonyS,

...your're sinin my tune. Praise God, preach it!

I just can't make it from Sunday to Wednesday and back again. That's another reason I praise God for our fellowship here. I need it every day. Thank You Lord for this place of refuge, blessing, and encouragement.

In Him,


 2005/6/27 9:42

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