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 Charles Spurgeon's depression

I've read that Charles Spurgeon suffered depression, but why was it so? Just now I read an article that he suffered mental and physical illness. I am thinking how a spirit filled man like Spurgeon who knew the words of God and His promises can suffered depression?

 2018/1/2 18:56

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 Re: Charles Spurgeon's depression

Depression can be chemical. Too little serotonin in the brain is a real cause. Perhaps Spurgeon suffered from this problem. I don't know.


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Evan Roberts suffered from a form of depression. I dont see that taking away anything from the man or from Spurgeon. The Apostle Paul said in 2 Cor "We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired of life itself." I think many great saints down through the ages fell into various kinds of despairs over the span of their lives, even the Lord Himself cried out "My God my God why have thou forsaken me." ...............bro Frank

 2018/1/3 0:02

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See "The Withering Work of the Spirit" by Spurgeon. It should be pretty easy to Google. It may provide some insight.

David Winter

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I just purchased The Treasury of David from a thrift store both volumes for 4 bucks.

Had he not been ill he could never have put this treasury together cuz he would have been on his feet preaching. Instead here he was doing this work.

Health and Wealth is nonsense as we are only perfect in heaven. Depression is an illness. Now there are better treatments before than when Spurgeon was down.

And when we are in heaven we will see God's judgement of who is "greater in the kingdom" There will be a multitude who did little in the outer influence of man, noone ever heard of them, but who did much within the inner heart.

It may be my own wish because I am quite good for nothing.


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