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You know sometimes some things in life just don’t make any sense to us, especially in our spiritual walk with Christ. We can set and ponder for days, weeks and months, the why we have been led into this experience by the Lord, or we can accept it and move into that experience in faith.

Faith moves even when it doesn’t seem to make any sense to us, one thing we cannot do is be led away from what the lord is leading us to do, by the experiences and opinions of others. I don’t know why God has moved me into this season of solitude, I’ve never questioned him, I just wanted to be obedient.

I personally feel most things the lord leads us to do in life, don’t make any sense to us, but I do feel when we encounter a spirit led place or season in our life, the less we understand it, the more God is able to work out his purpose for it.

I know many that have responded have used scripture and personal experience for the pros and cons, of a life in solitude. I sincerely wish I had a better answer other than the Holy Spirit has led me here, but I don’t, and I don’t have any desire in my heart to question God, simply to please man with answers.

The only thing I can share with you that does make sense to me, is the closer relationship with Christ that I have experienced, it’s almost seems like some out of body experience, for lack of a better explanation. Yes, he’s doing something in my life I don’t totally understand, but I will say, it’s been a wonderful and peaceful experience, that I hope to enjoy a little longer.

I sincerely appreciate everyone’s thoughts, but the strange thing is, I can appreciate the thoughts, but I’m not even moved by them one in one way or the other. I guess it’s because I didn’t post this thread looking for any approval, or disapproval. I guess maybe the Lord had me post it for some reason, maybe just because someone has been fighting God over moving into a season of solidarity, but again, I have no idea what God wants or is doing in someone else’s life, I just wanted to be obedient.


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