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 Intercessors Network

Thought I would bring up something I felt notable as well as noble to everyone's attention here.

One of our 'own' if I may coin the word, who is a regular contributor to the forum and dear brother with a servants heart, Lars (a.k.a. lwpray) has a ministry for prayer, specifically intercession.

Here is a little about it:

"Intercessors Network has marked out and taken on intercession for men in power position, for kings and rulers, as its first priority and sole ground for existence. 1 Tim 2.1-4."

"Intercessors Network does not hold any special political colour or position. Yet, caring for the downtrodden becomes a habit as an intercessor. The Network is eagerly praying for holiness to be established through recognition of the lordship of Jesus Christ."

"Intercessors Network provides an Urgent Prayer Target e-mail list, to be used for instant prayer mobilisation in regards to current issues related to the common goal of the Network"

If you have a heart for prayer and concern for what is happening out beyond our regular reaches, in other countries, this is a informative and beneficial ministry. I might add that revival is also a underlying theme.
For more information and to be added to the e-mail list send a note to:
[email protected]

Mike Balog

 2003/10/20 11:42Profile

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 Re: Intercessors Network

Intercessor Network is a unique operation.
As I have been able to watch it and take part of it for a couple of years and have been looking for similar operations I have not found its counterpart.
Please, ask to be connected for a while to see what it is like.
Brother Terry

Terry Lee

 2003/10/21 10:50Profile

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 Re: Intercessors Network

God's ministers are many,
For this His gracious will,
Remembrancers that day and night
This holy office fill.

While some are hushed in slumber,
Some to fresh service wake,
And thus the saintly number
No change or chance can break.
And thus the sacred courses
Are evermore fulfilled,
The tide of grace by time or place
Is never stayed or stilled.

Oh, if our ears were opened
To hear as angels do
The Intercession-chorus
Arising full and true,
We should hear it soft up-welling
In morning's pearly white;
Through evening's shadow swelling
In grandly gathering might;
The sultry silence filling
Of noontide's thunderous glow,
And the solemn starlight thrilling
With ever-deepening flow

We should hear it through the rushing
Of the city's restless roar,
And trace its gentle gushing
O'er ocean's chrystal floor:
We should hear it far up-floating
Beneath the Orient moon,
And catch the golden noting
From the busy Western noon;
And pine-robed heights would echo
As the mystic chant-up floats,
And the sunny plains resound again
With the myriad-mingling notes

Who are the blessed ministers
Of this world-gathering band ?
All who have learnt one language,
Through each far-parted land;
All who have learnt the story
Of Jesus' love and grace,
And are longing for His glory
To shine in every face.
All who have known the Father
In Jesus Christ our Lord.
And know the might and love the light
Of the Spirit in the Word.

Yet there are some who see not
Their calling high and grand,
Who seldom pass the portals,
And never boldly stand
Before the golden altar
On the crimson-stained floor,
Who wait afar and falter,
And dare not hope for more.
Will ye not join the blessed ranks
In their beautiful array ?
Let intercession blend with thanks
As ye minister today !

There are hands too often weary
With the business of the day,
With God-entrusted duties,
Who are toiling while they pray.
They bear the golden vials,
And the golden harps of praise
Through all the daily trials,
Through all the dusty ways,
These hands, so tired, so faithful,
With odors sweet are filled,
And in the ministry of prayer
Are wonderfully skilled.

There are ministers unlettered,
Not of Earth's great and wise,
Yet mighty and unfettered
Their eagle-prayers arise.
Free of the heavenly storehouse !
For they hold the master-key
That opens all the fullness
Of God's great treasury.
They bring the needs of others,
And all things are their own,
For their one grand claim is Jesus' Name
Before their Father's throne.

So the incense-cloud ascendeth
As through calm, crystal air,
A pillar reaching unto heaven
Of wreathed faith and prayer.
For evermore the Angel
Of intercession stands
In His Divine Priesthood
With fragance-filled hands,
To wave the golden censer
Before His Father's throne,
With Spirit-fire intenser
And incense all His own.

And evermore the Father
Sends radiantly down
All-marvelous responses,
His ministers to crown;
The incense-cloud returning
As golden blessing-showers
We in each drop discerning
Some feeble prayer of ours,
Transmuted into wealth unpriced,
By Him who giveth thus
The glory all to Jesus Christ,
The gladness all to us !

F.R. Havergal

Karsten Nordmo

 2003/10/22 2:37Profile

 Re: Intercessors Network

I have learned so much about prayer and intercession, so much about the nations and ethnic groups and about the need to pray for the leaders of the world by receiving the mailings from the Intercessors Network.
It is a great tool to use in prayer groups and churches, who are ready to engage in the Lord’s work
Blessings to you all

 2003/10/23 2:24

 Re: Intercessors Network

Please, Lars
Can you tell us about the beginnings on Intercessors Network?

 2004/2/21 21:08

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The story of Intercessors Network begins back in the late 1970’s. I and my dear wife worked with David Wilkerson’s Teen Challenge in Gothenburg, Sweden. What brought results among drug addicts was the “Therapy of the Holy Spirit” or as one of the American leaders put it, the “Jesus factor”.

It involved a lot of prayer, close fellowship and intense counselling. In this environment our basic skills regarding prayer grew at steady speed due to miraculous interventions and saddening setbacks including a wide variety of experiences from boys growing to become pastors and missionaries, leaders revealed to be homosexuals and one or two suicides.

I found friends in Sweden and elsewhere who led me into the prayer ministry. One connection took us all the way back to Rees Howells in Swansea, Wales. Another friend referred amazing stories from his fellowship with Smith Wigglesworth. We began to relate to the British prayer movement; a front man was Dennis Clark.

These early years were spent on foot, from church to church, prayer meeting after prayer meeting. Prayer was considered to be women’s work, but we were slowly changing the scene. The Swedish work involved many contacts with the members of parliament and much prayer for leadership.

We were exploring methods. We were using many means to get the message about the necessity of prayer through to common church members. We used a small ship to travel from harbour to harbour holding prayer meetings onboard; a prayer watch was continually running as we moved along the Swedish coast leaving no part of the border untouched in prayer. During the many hours at sea our ears went through intense and sometimes remarkable training. Prayer is to keep silent – and we learnt it the hard way. Prayer is first and foremost to learn to hear from God.

Lars Widerberg

 2004/2/28 4:30Profile


You must have a lot to tell about the growth of a prayer ministry.
What did you do onboard that prayer ship?
How did the international ministry begin?

 2004/3/1 13:44

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