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Hemel Hempstead

 Christmas:How Yahweh put on human flesh

We all struggle with the fact of how can the god who destroyed the canaanites and the god who destroyed Jerusalem and destroyed the people during Noah’s day that same god took on human flesh and became Jesus Christ our saviour
It is also the same god who created the very world by his words
The Jews struggled in early Christianity what to do we Jesus as how can we have the father as god and Jesus as god
How can the attributes of god be attributed to a man as in Jewish thought it is forbidden or idolatrous to worship anything other than Yahweh
As Yahweh put on human form and died for our sin
What scares me sometimes is that you get christians saying how the god of the Old Testament is an unloving , angry god but the thing is they forgot the wrath of Jesus Christ when he will return , in Hebrews it says that how much more are those that have trampled under the spirit of grace and trampled the blood of Christ under foot
Jesus talked more about hell than any other person
Jesus a part of the trinity , the same god who destroyed 135,000 men during the reign of hezekiak or opened up the ground and swallowed up the sons of Koran
Behold the goodness and severity of our god , the same god who looked after Elijah or who spoke to Moses through a burning bush and who Moses could not even see his face
When you look at the attributes of god his Omnipresent, omniscient nature and all the other attributes he came down to die for us
I see a loving god in much of the Old Testament passages even more than the new as it is we have forgotten that god is a god of justice
We forgot that god is the same god who killed Uzziah because he did not carry the ark of the covenant in the correct matter or the priests because they put natural fire on an altar that was lit by holy fire
Yet in modern Christianity we have so much of the same and god has not changed, men have .
People have created there own form of Jesus and forgot stories Jesus told about the rich man and Lazarus who Jesus says unless you would have read the scriptures he would be saved from hell, where the rich man is not allowed one drop of water or in Luke when a tower falls of people and Jesus says unless you will repent you will likewise perish
In a world where we cannot even travel out our own solar system or even have traversed everywhere in the seas, men has put there rules of justice above gods , the god who flung stars into the universe from things like binary stars, quasars and supernovas, where on a spec in the sky there are about a billion galaxies even things like structured galaxies yet he came down to die for our sin
Or like a butterfly which has both the genetics to turn into a butterfly with the genetics for things like wings laying dormant until it turns into a cryslysis
We have the god who created nightingales who can sing two songs at the same time
With Christmas being even degraded among Christians with Jesus being forgotten & the bible being an unread book even among our own church we have the same god who opened up the ground for the sons of Korah and trying to tell god how things ought to be done in the areas of marriage and so many issues, the same god who destroyed sodom or telling people you can be healthy and wealthy if you believe in Jesus but destroyed Eli’s son in the Old Testament or gezer who was a protege of Elisha because of greed or tell us that the world will be dominated by Christians in the last days and Jesus will return where Christians have conquered the seven mountains when the bible says the opposite or that Christians will not go through tribulation yet gods people in Egypt went through 400 years before god through Moses came to rescue them and the whole early church was born through persecution
One thing I struggle myself with is as so many people are teaching the commandments of men even myself but there heart is far from god
Help my heart to be close to god and the wonder that Yahweh took on human form to die for our sin, help my heart be close to him
I am thankful for the trinity but I do not want idolatry to worship a god who is not mentioned in scripture
I need the grace of god

Dominic Shiells

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