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Hemel Hempstead

 Ruins of a Christian culture celebrating Christmas without Christ

In the UK it feels ghostly with people walking around celebrating Christian culture without Christ or going into shops where they used to play Christian hymns about jesuss birth ,it was always comforting to hear hymns about Jesus birth but now just secular hymns to a once meaningless celebration with things like father Christmas and presents not actually Christ or the Nativity scene
The thing is it started in the churches and has petered out from there like a stone sending waves on a lake
Christ has been forgotten amongst his church

it has been terrible with secular music on all day , I so want to bring my phone to work but I am not allowed else I would play Christian music via Bluetooth

What I find so crazy is that everyone is doing everything and they are going on in culture mindless wandering from place to place going through celebrating things like ressurection day and Christmas

even thou Jesus was not born at Christmas , he would have been born at the feast of tabernacles you can work it out because Zechariah was in the course of abijah and then calculate that John the Baptist was born at Passover and there was six months between John the Baptist and Jesus

I think I can truly say our culture is evil

The uk reminds me of the ruins of a great castle where the foundations are there but there is nothing left , the walls and everything else have been destroyed through appeasing the Muslims or appeasing the world slowly one drop at a time until everything is destroyed but it has started with the apostasy of the church in this culture with Christian bookshops closing because they are selling things that are not solid

So longing for Jesus like water as feeling so dry spiritually

Dominic Shiells

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