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 A new sign & wonder

In the back of a little gift shop in Dalton, Georgia there is a prayer room. For the past two years people have gathered there to pray for their city, region, and each other and intermittently oil has dripped from the walls. January 27th of this year one of those prayer warriors, Jerry, noticed his Bible was dripping with oil. Starting with Psalm 39 it spread over the next few days through the rest of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the concordance. Then the oil started back in Genesis and spread till it covered the whole Bible.

When he realized the oil wasn’t going to stop, Jerry put the Bible in a ziploc bag at first, but as the oil continued, he had to size up to larger and larger containers. The bucket he now keeps it in continues to refill.

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J Kruger

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 Re: A new sign & wonder

For Catholics only;

The Unsolved Mystery Of The Virgin Mary Crying Blood What causes the Virgin Mary Statue in California to cry blood tears?

People from everywhere wanted to see the statue that has become famous for weeping tears of blood The faithful people are calling it a miracle, while others are a bit skeptic. People have taken pictures and brought their families to see the weeping Virgin Mary in hopes of getting a glance at Virgin Mary Crying Blood. The statue is located in Sacramento at the Vietnamese Catholic Church. It was reported in 2005, that the miracle of the crying Virgin Mary was a blessing for all to see.

The tears of blood roll down her cheeks onto her robe. This statue is located outside the church and has become a part of history. The statue tests the faith of all who come to see it. Some believe that because of the state of the world has caused the Virgin Mary to weep tears of blood because of all the losses of life. Others believe that this was a mechanical achievement from parishioners. Many answers were needed before many would believe that this was indeed a miracle of faith.

For someone that has reservations about the weeping statue, it would be clearly obvious that the blood is flowing from the eyes when you look closely at the Virgin Mary. It does not appear that the statue has been touched in any way. Is it possible that the way the world is today has bought about another miracle to help people see what is wrong and how it affects the religious beliefs of many? Is it possible that this is a sign from God? Is this a sign that God wants the world to stop all the crime that has taken over? There are many stories about weeping icons that are seen as a miracle, but what does it mean?

Is this a sign from God that there is too much bloodshed? If you ask people who believe, they will tell you that they believe this is a sign that things have to change in the world. They will tell you that God wants love and peace in his world. If you ask people who do not believe, they will tell you that this is a new way to attract attention from the Catholic Church. No matter if you believe or not, one cannot mistake the tears of blood rolling down the Virgin Mary’s face.


Mathew 12:38,39

Then certain of the scribes and Pharisees answered him, saying, Master, we would see a sign from thee. But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it but the sign of Jonah the prophet.

Mathew 16:4

An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of Jonah. And he left them, and departed.


Real life story of an Indiana house haunted by 200 demons -

Speaking from Gary Police Department Headquarters, Captain Charles Austin has run every department from narcotics to homicide, gang intelligence to autodetail. He has taught 500 officers and received the department’s highest reward for his service. He doesn’t believe in the sort of ‘garbage’ he thought he was being fed in by the two women at Caroline Street in Gary two spring’s ago.

He said: ‘I was skeptical. I was leading the pack through the house. We walked in and the first thing we see is in the living room there’s a candle burning and a bible and a little altar with a crucifix – same in every room in the house. There was a drawing on the refrigerator done by one of the boys that was Jesus on the cross but behind him there looked like demonic figures.’

There were similar drawings elsewhere he recalled. He sat as Latoya’s mother, Rose, told him how the Venetian blinds would get wet and appear to drip oil, that the basement door would open and close and that they heard a dog barking sometimes and scratching.

Department of Child Services, family case manager Samantha Illic was part of the group that visited the house on 10 May 2012 when officers recorded the scene and Campbell’s accounts of many strange and disturbing events.

During that visit Illic reached to touch a cabinet that appeared to be dripping clear oil. Both Capt. Austin and Father Maginot tell a similar tale.

According to the Capt: ‘She touched it with her pinky and her finger just went flush free of blood, it was white like it was dead. She was holding up her hand saying, her finger was numb and the side of her hand.’

Father Maginot described the seemingly spontaneous ‘wound’ or affect as like ‘a blister after a burn.’

He said: ‘Her whole finger had this grey, white colour – a death colour. She wondered after if maybe there had been a bug that had bitten her but she didn’t see anything or feel anything.’

Fox News coverage -

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What do you think about the oil dripping Bible?

I remember a few years ago I attended a bible study and some of the women were all excited because they were noticing little gold sparkles like tiny glitter on their hands and on their Bible. It was a sign!!!

Not really- turns out makeup has these tiny specks that reflect the light and was being transferred from their face to their hands and Bible pages. I didn’t have the heart to tell them once I figured it out.


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No matter how strange, no matter how unorthodox, no matter how big or how small, how mystical or straight-forward, every single sign or miracle in the Bible had/has an interpretible meaning. Even Revelation is interpretible, although some of it is unclear until it takes place.

"Signs" like this--completely uninterpretible. People will walk away "closer" to God, but really just more emotional, just more sensitive the their own perceptions of things, justifying the thought path that they've been on already. This happens because there is nothing clear about these things.

Somehow, we've gone absolutely insane and forgot what the word "signs" means. It is doesn't mean miracles, per se. It means something that points us to something else. What does a bloody-teared virigin Mary statue point us to? Not Jesus. It is demonic at worst or deceptive at best.

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Snoqualmie, WA


we met with a couple at a starbucks coffee some years back right before going to the Philippines for our evangelistic outreaches. When we were about midway through our time, we saw what looked like gems on the floor. There were 12 of them, one was a large pearl.

Well, I know it wasn't us who dropped gems under a starbucks table ( my wife enjoys jewelery but doesn't throw it on the floor)...and we got there a full 1/2 before our guest did.

In short we had one jewel for every day of the trip.

My wife took all the gems down to a professional gemologist, all of them were genuine precious or semi-precious stones and the pearl was real.

I am not a sign seeker in the slightest, I had already heard from God about the trip and my wife is not a sign seeker in anyway. The couple we met, we had only talk to shortly before hand...and they didn't know what table we were sitting at. They were as surprised as we were at this occurrence.

I am not here saying any bleeding statues or oily bibles are legit, Im only saying Ive experienced a 'gem' occurrence that seemed to be from God.

If it was not from God and was contrived from this other couple, they wasted their effort on people who put no stock in dropping gems, gold dust on Church floors ( I have seen this in a Church we visited) or other such phenomenon.


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 Re: What I think ..

Brother TMK. Not much. It seems real, and is miraculous.

Thought it was an event that might lead to different lines of discussion.

Wanted to say - A new sign & wonder? But did not want to be skeptical.

Was getting weary of lines like - The Church of X has appointed a G/L/B/T Bishop etc. Or scripture proves flat earth .... And the much anticipated "Christmas" debate. :)

Thanks for asking.

PS. Knew I might get some feedback from Savannah :).

J Kruger

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 Re: Gnostics

"PS. Knew I might get some feedback from Savannah :)."

You're not a prophet, are you?

You're middle name wouldn't happen to be Freddy, would it?

BTW - As I was typing this post, my fingers were slipping on the keyboard as a greasy substance formed upon the number 6 key and began spreading to the other keys in a backward direction.

And may all believers be separated in their hearts from any Roman Catholic Holy Days.

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From the website:
"Splankna Therapy The first Christian mind-body protocol..."
"1 Hour Session $100..."

Why is that link and this topic allowed on this forum ?

 2017/12/14 15:16


Brethren there us a spiritual realm. It is real. Angels are real. Demons are real. Satan us real. Jesus is real. Nothing has changed since the 1st century when Jesus move in the spiritual realm. Nothing has changed since the first century church moved in that realm. Today our brothers and sisters move in that realm in foreign nations. Because those in foreign Nations acknowledge there is a spiritual realm.

Satan has done a masterful job in feeding the American church the doctrine of cessationism. Satan would like nothing better than the church to believe that he does not exist. How the enemy must have been laughing for glee when Strange Fire was occurring at John MacArthur's church.

Get the American Church to acknowledge that demonics do not exist. Get the American Church to acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit does not exist. Then the American church has been rendered ineffective.

Thankfully our brothers and sisters in foreign nations have not gotten a message that the Holy Spirit has stopped working.

Simply my thoughts.


 2017/12/14 15:52


I do not deny it that the news story Savannah shared is true. The house was infested by demons. My question is would any believer in Christ know how to deal with demonic manifestation should they occur.

I have had some limited experience with demons. Enough to know that they exist. When encountering demonic manifestations reading John Calvin did not drive them away. But I called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And applied the blood of Jesus to the particular situation. This is what drove the demonic elements awsy.

Yet to those of you who are cessationist you would say brother Blaine you are hallucinating. Demons do not exist. The Canon of scripture has driven them away. Riiiggghhht!!!

Brethren demons exist. Satan exist. And only one who is Spirit-filled and knows the authority of Christ can stand up against demonic manifestations. Only one who has faith in the authority of Jesus Christ and rebukes them in His name will see victory over demonics.


 2017/12/14 15:58

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