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 Ken Miller's Release Date

Ken's Release Date

Published on Saturday, 25 November 2017 08:38
Dear friends,

We've recently received this very disappointing news about Ken's release. We've been looking forward for a long time to having Ken home by Christmas. He was planning to spend about 3 months here in home confinement.

"Due to budget cuts to the halfway house processing my home confinement, I lost the home confinement time. At this point my release date is March 6 instead of December 15. We're terribly disappointed of course, but giving it all into God's hands, and plan to be happy anyway.

We're requesting approval for home-confinement through another little-used program. Please pray that the local and regional case managers and the U.S probation office will approve this plan. Please pray that I could still be home by Christmas."

Please join Ken and family in praying that he could be home by Christmas. A call to your senator or representative to request intervention on his behalf wouldn't hurt either!


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 Re: Ken Miller's Release Date

Thanks for posting, Mary.
Pastor Ken is in a Virginia prison and I know how dates can get pushed back there. Do you think writing representatives in other states would help?

For those unfamiliar with this case go to
This is a Mennonite pastor who helped a woman named Lisa ,who became a Christian and was convicted of the sin of homosexuality and marriage to another woman. Lisa fled her lesbian relationship taking her daughter ( a surrogate birth by Lisa) because a judge in CT would not believe the little girl was being inappropriately touched by the other lesbian "parent" during joint custody visits.
Lisa somehow was connected and asked for aid from Pastor Ken Miller of Stuart's Draft, VA. He helped her escape to s Mennonite colony in Venezuela, I believe.

He was consequently arrested for aiding in a kidnapping. This was a huge injustice done in our country because of the lawlessness of the USA in legalizing homosexual marriage. This Christian pastor has been in prison for several years now. It was not a mainstream story for apparent reasons.

Many have been praying for Ken though he was unable to be with his mother when she died and missed the wedding of his child and left his family without an income. God has provided and Ken has written of many glorious victories from prison.

We need to continue to pray for this situation.

Sis L

L Young

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Contactong our Congressional Representatives may help. Perhaps even the White House. But the most effective thing we can do is pray. James tells us the effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.

We will certainly be praying for brother Kim Miller tomorrow night on Persecution Watch. If anybody would like to join us in prayer all are welcome.

Time of tomorrow's call is.......

9 p.m. EST
8 p.m. CST
7 p.m. MST
6 p.m. PST

Call number and access code are.......


Prayer is our most effective weapon and crying out for our brother's release. Prayer was what released Peter. Prayer was what released Saeed Abedini. Prayer will be that which will release Ken Millar.

Even if you don't join the call tomorrow please keep this brother in your prayers and cry out for his soon release.

Only because of Jesus.


 2017/11/30 22:34

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I went to this website and read some of Bro. Kens writings. I must say they are inspirational, very encouraging.

I find it interesting what he noted as the three most important books he has in prison: the Bible, Martyrs' Mirror and a Hymn Book.

I still do not believe his imprisonment took God by surprise but that He put him in there for some reason.

Thanks for sharing this info, Leslie.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Prayed for our brother.......

Tonight there was much heartfelt prayer that went up for our brother Ken Miller on Persecution Watch. We prayed for his release by Christmas. We prayed for his family. In addition we prayed for Lisa and Isabel Millar. Also prayed for the salvation of Janet Jenkins and the judge who ruled against our brother Ken.

Trusting that God will certainly bear fruit in those prayers that were offered to Him tonight.

Simply because of Jesus.


 2017/12/1 22:26

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