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I was asked recently what is the one thing that it takes to make a marriage work. I did not even have to think about my answer. JESUS. Honestly you can throw out all the human ideas about what it takes to make a marriage work and just know if you are seeking to submit to HIM daily in your life and your spouse is committed to doing the same the ugly D word will never come up. It's that simple.

JESUS is alive today. HE wants relationship with us every moment of every day. Living unto HIM as LORD of my life is what it takes to make any and all relationships work. When I am struggling with self and have an issue with my husband; my mind and heart run to JESUS. I never look down that dark road with the name that the enemy wants me to. Why even entertain the thought, if I love JESUS then I would never wish to hurt HIM in such a way.

Just thought I would share that with some few here.
Have a lovely day in HIM saints :)

God Bless

 2017/11/12 11:52Profile

 Re: Greetings

My sister a very beautiful post. For sure if Christ is at the center of any marriage. And both parties are willing to surrender to Him. Then God will surely bless any marriage.

I think the question arises though if this is a second marriage. And one or both spouses have been divorced. Can God bless that second marriage with what you are writing in your OP? I am one of the few who would say yes. For this is the redemptive Gospel of Jesus Christ. But there are many voices in this forum who will say that God can never redeem a second marriage period for the new unpardonable sin is divorce.

But again. A very beautiful post that I would agree with.


 2017/11/13 16:00

 Re: Greetings

Hi sister MJ,

Amen. The substance of your post is why I have been married for 35 years. My wife and I were married when we were both 17. The divorce rate for teenage marriages are over 90%. My wife and I lost a son. The divorce rate for families who suffer the death of a child are significantly higher. My wife and I both come from violent alcoholic childhoods. The divorce rate for people with those backgrounds are in the high 80s. Our youngest son Daniel, who is no 24 has Down Syndrome. The divorce rate for couples with challenged kids is in the 70%. My wife is not a Christian. There are many other serious factors that happened in our early years that should have scuttled our marriage..........but Jesus!

After 10 years of marriage I got saved. Jesus walked through the door of our house and nothing has been the same since. When Jesus is the center of everything, when we can get all of our needs from Him, when He is enough then we can never be dragged down that "dark road." 20 years ago I had actually packed by suitcase to leave, I got it as far as the car and threw it on the back seat and sat down in the drivers seat. The fights over how to raise our kids were just too much. Yet, as I sat there and thought about Jesus and what this would do to the testimony that He had in me I knew I was not leaving. I got out the car and unpacked the case.

Time and time again in the years following, falling to my knees and asking Jesus to fill my heart with love again for my wife, supernatural love for in the natural I could not do it. And here I am today. I love my wife more than I ever have. This un-believing spouse has been changed by this believing spouse. Jesus, at the center of it all, desiring to honor Him above all things because I love Him so much, He is my Saviour. Yes sister, Jesus first, last and always and He will make a way for us through the storms, through the trials, through the wildernesses of our marriages. As we honor Him, not for a day or a week or a year but decade after decade, when we decide that in Him we shall be overcomers, then He brings us through. All glory to Him, without Him our marriage would have shattered into a million pieces a long time ago..............bro Frank

 2017/11/17 18:57

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