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 Forum Let's Get Real !!!

A story is told in Russia. On the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 Nikolai Lenin was spreading his poison of communism. The Russian Orthodox Church was debating an all important question. One in which eternity itself stood on. The question was how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. Later as communism gained control in Russia many of the Russian Orthodox priest as well as the people were either imprisoned in Russian gulags or put to death. The debate had no bearing in resisting the poison of communism.

This past Sunday over 26 people we're slain in an evangelical church in Southland Texas. Some of us posted the event on the forum. For the most part those threads have been ignored. Right now divorce and remarriage are the most popular topics that are being debated. All the while as darkness spreads across the land.

Below is a link to an article by Dr.Michael Brown.
Brother you may want to take a moment and look at this article. Because in the article dr. Brown describes the hostility that is coming against Christians in America. You may want to take a break from debating the head covering, debating divorce and remarriage, and anything else for that matter. And take a look at the real heavy stuff that's going down.

Need I remind us again that 26 people were slain at a church in Texas. Has anybody heard the news???

Brothers and sisters there's some serious stuff going down here. And I'm not talking divorce and remarriage. I'm talking about the future slaughter of believers here in America. These conversations will have no relevance when we are hauled to the FEMA death camps. Whether one wore the head covering. Whether one remarried after divorce will have no relevance when the round ups start.

The question before each and every one of us on this forum is have we embraced the cross of Jesus Christ. Have we died to self. Are we willing to lay down our lives for the Lord Jesus Christ.

These are the more sobeing questions that we need to consider. Rather than trying to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.

Brethren there's some serious stuff going down here. It is far easier to talk about the head covering or divorce and remarriage. But really where do we stand as regards to the cross of Christ and its implications in our life.

Has anyone ever thought that maybe what occurred in Southland Texas will occur in your church. Has anyone ever thought where they stand with the Lord Jesus Christ. What will you do when the round ups start and we are hearded it into the white box cars and shackled and taking off to the death camps. Can't happen here you say. I'm sure the Russians thought the same thing in the early 20th century.

In Canada it is illegal to read or preach out of Romans 1. The latter half of the chapter speaks of the rise of homosexuality. Any Canadian pastor who preaches out of that passage is subject to fine and imprisonment. By the way Canada supposedly a democratic country. But as Canada goes so goes America.

Does anybody in this forum grasp what I'm saying here? Has it crossed anybody's mind that 26 people were slain in Texas at a church? Does anybody grass of the reality of the times that we are living in?

Brethren it is far easier to debate your head coverings and and divorce and remarriage. But it takes far more courage to face the reality of the times we're living in and to embrace the cross of Christ.

Saints, please let's get real. There is hostility toward believers in North America. And the enemy will not stop until every believer is either imprisoned or executed. This is the reality of the times we're living in. We need to start asking ourselves where do we stand with the Lord Jesus Christ. Will we endure by the power of the Holy Spirit until he returns.

Let us have some discussions of substance. Let us talk about how we may endure by the power of the Holy Spirit in the dark times that we're living in.

Just felt somebody had to speak some sanity here. So please let us get real. Let us get real to the time so we're living in.

Bro Blaine

 2017/11/9 12:03

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Forum Let's Get Real !!!

Brothers and sisters there's some serious stuff going down here. And I'm not talking divorce and remarriage. I'm talking about the future slaughter of believers here in America. These conversations will have no relevance when we are hauled to the FEMA death camps. Whether one wore the head covering. Whether one remarried after divorce will have no relevance when the round ups start.


To be honest what you are sharing about has importance but divorce and other subjects that are being discussed are scriptures themselves so we should seek to follow them. Do the commands and teachings of Jesus matter or are there more important things? The reason for persecution coming is not the great godliness of Christianity in the West but God's judgement and purifying that will bring us back to obedience to the Scriptures.

Francis Shaeffer said that one issue that is a litmus test of how much Christians in a country seek to obey Jesus is the Sermon on the Mount and he said specifically our Lord's teaching on divorce and remarriage.

The way is indeed narrow. And perhaps many of us will end in martyrs, but let us also mortify the deeds of this body now by the Holy Spirit and follow the Lord in the narrow way, obeying all the scriptures.

That would be "being real" and the sincere way to go.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2017/11/9 12:29Profile

 Re: Article that Discusses the Eradication of N. American Christians


‘They Should Be Eradicated’: Sociologists Reveal Shocking Results of ‘Christianophobia’ Research — and a Cautionary Warning for Conservative Bible-Believers

Billy Hallowell
Jan 29, 2015 12:28 pm

Sociologists at the University of North Texas are issuing a cautionary warning to Christians noting that, though there isn’t widespread “Christianophonia” in the U.S., the small group of those who have a strong aversion to conservative believers are among the influential and elite.

George Yancey and David Williamson shared findings corroborating this notion in their recently released book “So Many Christians, So Few Lions: Is There Christianophobia in the United States?” which promises to offer a “provocative look at anti-Christian sentiments in America.”

The sociologists, who define Christianophobia as “unreasonable hatred or fear of Christians,” argue that it’s worth exploring potential intense bias against Christians, as it helps readers understand the “social dynamics” that exist in the U.S., according to an official book description.

As far as how prevalent the problem truly is, Yancey told the Christian Post that it’s really a small group of people that hold strong hostility, though that group is comprised of elite individuals with more societal power than the average person.

Yancey said that he and his co-author were motivated to explore potential Christianophonia after they began collecting qualitative data from interviews with liberal activists and noticed a troubling trend among a certain subset of these respondents.

That in mind, a few months ago, the sociologist shared a sampling of some of the “unreasonable hatred” he said he encountered through interviews with cultural progressive activists for the purpose of his study. Here are just three of the comments that were made about the Christian right:

“I want them all to die in a fire.” (Male, aged 26-35 with Doctorate)

“They should be eradicated without hesitation or remorse. Their only purpose is to damage and inflict their fundamentalist virus onto everyone they come in contact with.” (Female, aged 66-75 with Master degree)

“They make me a believer in eugenics….They pollute good air…I would be in favor of establishing a state for them… If not, then sterilize them so they can’t breed more.” (Male, aged 46-55 with Master degree)

These statements caused Yancey to look deeper at the pool of respondents — individuals who were chosen from unnamed groups that are actively opposed to sentiments held by many conservative Christians.

“We quickly saw some of the unnecessary vitriol and fears within many of our respondents. We also saw the social status of those who exhibited this hatred and many of them would be in positions that allowed them to at least subtly act on their anger and fears,” Yancey said. “That motivated us to take a more systematic look at Christianophobia and speculate on how this phenomenon influences certain social aspects in the United States.”

He said that there are important distinctions to be made when analyzing the demographics of those who have Christianophonia and who, as a result, see believers as being backward, child-like and barriers to progress, telling the Christian Post that, while there are more people who are hostile toward atheists than Christians, those who oppose the latter group tend to be highly educated.

“I have established that those with animosity towards conservative Christians tend to have more per-capita social power than those with animosity towards other religiously based groups,” Yancey wrote in a blog post last year. “They are more likely to be white, educated and wealthy. The education advantage creates a unique dimension in this group as one may contend that highly educated individuals are unlikely to engage in unreasonable level of hatred or anger.”

In the end, he said that those who oppose atheism don’t “have the level of per-capita power of those who do not like Christians.” Considering that atheist activists have argued that they are discriminated against due to their secularism — and past polls have shown, for instance, that citizens are much less likely to even vote for them in elections — an important question emerges.

“So is a group worse off if more people do not like them or if those who do not like them have a lot of social power, but there are fewer of them? Context matters to answer such a question,” Yancey told the Christian Post. “If you want to get elected to political office, then atheists are at a disadvantage since more people do not like them. But if you want to get a higher education, then you will run into a lot more people with power who hate Christians than who hate atheists.”

Yancey cited as evidence non-discrimination policies enacted in California Christian colleges that have forced some student groups out of official recognition if they refuse to allow atheists and other non-Christiand the opportunity to lead those groups — something that he said seems to show evidence of college administrators exhibiting “some degree of latent Christianophobia with a fiction of promoting equality.”

“We documented that some level of Christianophobia is present among certain powerful subcultures in our society,” he continued. “This helps us understand some actions in our society.”

Posted by Blaine Scohin

 2017/11/9 12:54


The article posted previously is 2 years old. But the findings by George Yancy reflect what Dr. Brown shared and his article. There are those in positions of power who would like to see believers in North America eradicated. What occurred in Charleston South Carolina two years ago. And what has occurred in Southland Texas last Sunday are only the beginning.

The two individual that carried out the evil deeds in these two churches may not have been rabid liberal humanists. But somewhere along the way they became infected with the poison of a hatred toward Christians. It only has to start in the mind where Satan plants his ideas. Remember that anti-Semitism was already in its developing stages when the Nazis began to carry out the final solution. The ideas always start in the mind.

There is a hatred of believers in America. The ideas arecalready being planted for the lambs to be lead to the slaughter. The question is what will be our response.

Bro Blaine

 2017/11/9 13:12

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When the persecution arises; when everyone, everywhere, and in every place hates us; when we cannot buy food without the possibility of our deaths; when children are taken from families because they raise them to be godly--what are we to do? How are we to respond to looming persecution:

“Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you."

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet your brethren only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the tax collectors do so? Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect."

Let us not forget, brother, that MOST of the NT was written during times of persecution. Doctrine, truth, love for our enemies, and boldness in completing the work never took a sideline. We must persevere in the midst of persecution, pestilence, or peace.

Look at 1 Thessalonians--during their persecution Paul spoke about purity, righteousness, and bombshell doctrines like the coming of Jesus. He didn't throw those things to the wind.

The persecuted church does not become effective and powerful through sole virtue of being persecuted--they become so by sticking to the truth and clinging to Jesus DESPITE the persecution.

 2017/11/9 13:40Profile


Brother Blain, I can see what you are trying to say.
But it is very unbalanced. In a body of believers there are many different serious issues. Some members on this forum are
probably deeply hurt by what you are writing.
You write "let's get real" - I would suggest let's get a bit more biblical on this forum first and show a bit more love and compassion .

 2017/11/9 14:22

Joined: 2012/2/8
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Just to clarify a point—.the Charleston church shooting was racially motivated. I have not seen much if any evidence yet that the recent TX shooting was solely due to hatred of Christians. What I have seen points more to a domestic situation. Plus the guy was a nut.

Churches are soft targets and if an evil person wants to kill a bunch of people they present a target that likely has nothing to do with Christianity.

Don’t forget we have had recent mass shootings in open concert venues, night clubs, indoor arenas, military recruiting offices, restaurants and schools. Churches are just soft targets as are these other places.

And what’s with all the talk of FEMA death camps? Is that off some conspiracy website?


 2017/11/9 14:26Profile


"would suggest let's get a bit more biblical on this forum first and show a bit more love and compassion ."

Agreed. But does anyone really gives a hoot about the saints who have been slain in Texas. Some of the 26 where are brothers and sisters.

Probably not. As many in this form have no idea what I'm talking about thanks. Okay back to the marriage and divorce thread.


 2017/11/9 14:59

Joined: 2010/11/24
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 Re: Forum Let's Get Real !!!

Thank you for sharing brother.

 2017/11/9 15:00Profile

Joined: 2010/11/24
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To be honest, I’m thinking about the things that happened to my precious brothers and sisters...and the little children who are slaughtered in Texas, all the time...I’ve seen the pastor and his wife when they answered the journalists...and what a example it was ...

 2017/11/9 15:06Profile

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