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 Is there room at the inn of your heart

Is There "Room" at the "Inn" of Your Heart?

For some, the pride that needs to be repented of in their lives will find it replaced with humility, and a more sober assessment of what they really can “do” or “know” apart from Jesus. “What do you have that you did not receive?!” “Do not view yourself more highly than you ought.” Repentance of pride, for them, will result in more “room in their hearts” for Jesus, and a deeper connectedness with the One who provides all things, and sustains all things, as well as with His Life in His Body. Repentance of pride for them will result in a more discerning pace, and more desire for the Jesus in others to be involved and trusted and extracted. Repentance from pride for these will result in a far more worshipful person, inside and out.

For others, when pride is repented of, they will have a quieter heart and mouth. Instead of a prideful man or woman’s dominating conversation with foolish jesting and one-liners, they will have a quiet love in their eyes and softer tone in their mouth. Pride is self-love—and there is little room in one’s heart for love of others when their mind and eyes and hearts are blocked by a stone wall of pride. When pride is repented of, for these, there will be a natural Jesus-born sensitivity and patience and love of others spring up to fill the void that pride had once owned.

Repentance of pride, for others, will result in more openness and vulnerability. When one is trying to manage perceptions and sustain an image (this is pointless and far less successful than the prideful person has thought, anyway), they will seldom volunteer any weaknesses or failures, will cover their tracks and attempt to present themselves as quiet or strong or above the issues that are rotting their hearts from the inside out. This form of pride is the pride that most have who would be considered “the quiet type” of person. They give very little of themselves (though they may be “sacrificial” with external things) and often live inside of their own world. They may drink the cup of “fear” one day, and the cup of “judgment and criticism of others” the next. Pride is ugly, and very lonely. Repentance of pride in these would result in a kind, vulnerable, soft, open man or woman who trusts that Jesus will bring them to the Full and Perfect place if they will open their hands before Him and those who are His.

At the end of the Day, as we see ourselves in HIS Light, and allow ourselves to be melted into His Image, we find the very safe place He means for us to dwell in. It’s better to live in a stable with our Messiah, than in a cold, granite mansion of self-love, fear, and pride, wouldn’t you say? His Invitation is open, and we can choose to open our hands to Him and others who belong to Him, and our lives will forever change into His Likeness. : )


This was shared with me and I thought it very encouraging so wanted to share it here. I was thankful to be reminded of this truth.

God bless

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