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 can it trigger one world government

Is the increase of terrorist attack all over the world can trigger a one world "peace" government?

 2017/10/31 19:27

 Re: can it trigger one world government

I wrote this piece back in 2014, its a possible end time scenario................bro Frank

This subject can be very difficult to approach today because there have been so many crazy people claiming when the end of the world would happen. The below scenario reckons on the saints going through the great tribulation. Therefore there is no particular day or hour that is looked for, rather a season, birth pangs if you like. We are told by Jesus that we should be able to discern the signs of the times, not the day nor the hour of His return. In any event, most peoples of the world and the church have a difficult time imagining a time where Christians would be hunted down and killed for the mere fact of being Christian. They may be able to imagine this in a Muslim world setting, but not in the West. I do not claim that the scenario below is prophetic, I merely wish to show you a logical procession of events that could lead to a world-wide persecution of the true saints.

I think we may all agree that Jesus is coming relatively soon. Where we may disagree is on the subject of rapture. Lets assume there is no rapture and Jesus is coming soon, then the saints will go through the great tribulation. The Scriptures tells us that it will be worse than anything that has ever happened before in history, in fact the Lord must shorten those days for the elects sake or we would all be dead.

Just 70 years ago, in the heart of educated and cultured Europe, in a country that pronounced itself to be Christian, an evil man arose and in six short years, killed six million Jews for the mere fact of being Jewish. He shoved them into gas chambers and then burned them in furnaces, men, woman and children, sparing none. Now this is not some Biblical genocide from the ancient world, this is something that happened just 70 years ago. Now what kind of events would need to unfold for the world to turn on Christians and for their to be a coming together of the world religions into one religion?

Lets say tomorrow there is an attack by Muslim extremists on multiple cities. New York, Washington, London, Paris Rome and Moscow are hit simultaneously with nuclear suitcase bombs. Rather than the three thousand dead of 9/11, there is one hundred thousand dead in each city. The world is repulsed and is brought together because of this great tragedy. Fundamentalists of all stripes are universally condemned and outlawed. To state publicly that there is only one true religion, only one way to heaven, becomes illegal. Such people are denounced as those who have caused all the troubles in the world. They are seen as a cancer on society which society must rid itself of.

So society gives them a chance to renounce such believes. At the same time, the major religions of the world have a summit. Islam, Christianity and the Jewish faith come together for a summit in Rome. Pope Francis leads the summit because he is universally respected. When the meeting is over they announce that they can all trace their roots back to Abraham. That they all worship the same God just in different ways. They announce that there are multiple roads to heaven and that to say otherwise is merely hate speech. They agree to drop Jesus and Mohammed from their literature and only speak in terms of God and His prophets, agreeing to stand upon what they agree on and bringing a historic unity that will usher in a new day, a new order for the world where there is equality for all.

The vast majority of the world hail this and rejoice in it. A small minority resist it and in the shadow of the multiple hundreds and thousands of deaths, the world hates them with a perfect hatred. They hate them more than the Germans hated the Jews. The minority cannot find work and are ultimately arrested for continuing to ” share the Gospel.” While they are a minority, they are still in the millions and camps are set up to imprison them because the prison system cannot contain them. An ever-growing hatred by the general public and resentment that they have to be fed and kept eventually leads to the decision to make it a capital offense punishable by death to be a fundamental Christian......bro Frank

 2017/10/31 22:20

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I'm not sure the Bible ever speaks of a completely unified one world government. It does speak of the rise and brief but yet fierce career of the man of sin. He may unify large segments of the world but there will be those even in the unsaved world who will resist him. His sacrilege of claiming to be God (II Thess 2:1-10) will trigger the final events of the age. THEN will be tribulation such as never occurred nor ever shall again (Daniel 12:1; Matt 24:15). The end of the age will be along with perplexity among the nations and DECEPTION (Matt 24:4,24-35) such as it were possible to fool even the elect.The nations may join together but it will not be a completely strong union (Daniel 2:42-43). A ten nation confederacy of some type will rise (Daniel 2: 7:7,24; Rev 17:12) in support of the man of sin but only for a hour or brief period of time (Rev 17:12-18). The demise of the man of sin will begin when the nations have had enough of him and turn on him to overthrow his rule which will have been characterized by an unleashing of final satanic fury against world Jewry and the church. Christ will not be far away at that point.

David Winter

 2017/11/1 7:51Profile

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Hi Docs,
Ok so I think thats true.Their is a full on push for One World Government ,every deceptive tool is used achieve this Goal but in what I can see they "grab defeat out of the jaws of victory" when it comes to One World Government.
It will be exactly like the Tower Of Babel,everyone working to build the tower and then just when its about to be complete it all falls apart and never serves any purpose,No time to have any effect,urs staff

 2017/11/1 16:38Profile

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