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 Re: Brother BJ

Thank you Brother. The Lord gave you seasoned words. I know the Lord is gracious and kind, yet will judge and pour out His wrath on those who refuse to repent.

There have been those, who were departing from light that later realized how wrong they were, and repented whole heartedly to Jesus and those they hurt. I was one of these who went the wrong direction, hardened and blind.

Jesus had mercy, softened my heart a couple years ago and I truly repented. Was it too late for me??

I'm not trying to push grace only and lighten the effects of sin, although it may seem that way. The Lord has been so merciful, how can I not extend the same mercy shown me? Repentance is absolutely necessary, yes. Sometimes it seems as though harshness and rebuke happen more than the fruit of the Spirit here.

Is it possible to have compassion on others without crossing the line into sin, or compromising sin in any way? The Lord chastens us as needed, and Im very grateful for that. I would be utterly lost without His loving correction.

 2017/11/2 22:54

 Thank You to all...

Thank you so much who said their thoughts about this thread. I learned from each one of you here...

I was just discouraged of fashionista sisters who I expected to act different from the world..

But I know that I should care, love and put these sisters more important above myself at all cost...

 2017/11/10 15:29

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