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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Pastor Says Millennials Have almost ‘Completely Lost the Knowledge of God’

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Brother and sisters...God is able.
He has provided the proverbial "silver lining" to all of this.
When I go out to witness, I can confirm (from a very biased and unscientific accounting) of the young people (12-22) I share my faith with ( maybe a dozen or so over a couple of hours) I do this weekly, or monthly depends.
I find little to no hostility except for those who are anti-Christian atheists. The rest will sit politely and listen, they have no clue...period. So, in effect I can ask questions, share my faith offer them the gospel news and declare the truth of God will little to no resistance.
Many have NEVER heard the gospel and they claim to attend Church. Others are happy they heard of Jesus for the first time. I am able to give out bibles, tracts, pray with them.

Yes, there are some jaded ones and others are professional Christ-rejecters but I don't get nervous because of them. Normally their rejections are totally emotionally driven and their rejections are irrational and they know it.
I find it easy to get folks to admit they are sinners ( though they claim to have no knowledge of God) I am able to warn them of hell and declare to them a heaven where Jesus receives his people at their deaths.

So, to a degree their ignorance provides ripe fields for harvest...ready for harvest...but getting folks to go witnessing with me, to share their faith that's another issue.

Yes their ignorance makes for a multitude of poor decisions on their part, and on our part an open door of opportunity to give them the gospel.


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 Re: Pastor Says Millennials Have almost ‘Completely Lost the Knowledge of God’

You can't lose what you never had.
At the risk of catching flak, may i suggest that ungodly children [and therefore, ungodly adults] were raised by ungodly parents, regardless of religious education or the want of it.

Children imitate what they SEE.

Father and mother may faithfully attend church but does Little Bill see the Lord Jesus in said parents? He may hear about the Lord in kiddies church but it does him no good if he doesn't SEE Him at home.
Does he see the sweet influence of the Holy Spirit at home? Does mother have a sweet respectful spirit to father? Does father show strong and gentle godly leadership at home? Are they both people of impeccable moral purity? Are they praying people? Do they teach him the holy Scriptures at home?

The young adults are not to blame. The pastors are not to blame either.

The home is to blame. Squarely and completely.


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