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 Pastor Says Millennials Have almost ‘Completely Lost the Knowledge of God’

A Christian pastor recently said that the majority of millennials do not have a Christian worldview and society is “on the verge of having a generation that has completely lost the knowledge of God.”

According to, these remarks were made by Mike Sherrard, director of RC College Prep, a high school ministry of Ratio Christi, which is a campus apologetics group.

Speaking on “The Billy Hallowell Podcast,” Sherrard stated, “Seemingly, no young adult has a biblical worldview anymore. They don’t know who God is. Even fundamental things about salvation and heaven and hell and things that are in the category you might argue are Christianity. They have no understanding of these things.”

Sherrard continued, noting that there is much work to be done to bring these young people back to a foundational understanding of God. ...

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 Re: Pastor Says Millennials Have almost ‘Completely Lost the Knowledge of God’

Connect the dots -


63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. Of Health/Census) – 5 times the average.

90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes – 32 times the average.

85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Center for Disease Control)

80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes –14 times the average. (Justice & Behavior, Vol 14, p. 403-26)

71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes – 9 times the average. (National Principals Association Report)
Father Factor in Education – Fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school.

Children with Fathers who are involved are 40% less likely to repeat a grade in school.

Children with Fathers who are involved are 70% less likely to drop out of school.

Children with Fathers who are involved are more likely to get A’s in school.

Children with Fathers who are involved are more likely to enjoy school and engage in extracurricular activities.

75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes – 10 times the average.

Father Factor in Drug and Alcohol Abuse – Researchers at Columbia University found that children living in two-parent household with a poor relationship with their father are 68% more likely to smoke, drink, or use drugs compared to all teens in two-parent households. Teens in single mother households are at a 30% higher risk than those in two-parent households.

70% of youths in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes – 9 times the average. (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Sept. 1988)

85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Fulton Co. Georgia, Texas Dept. of Correction)

Father Factor in Incarceration – Even after controlling for income, youths in father-absent households still had significantly higher odds of incarceration than those in mother-father families. Youths who never had a father in the household experienced the highest odds. A 2002 Department of Justice survey of 7,000 inmates revealed that 39% of jail inmates lived in mother-only households. Approximately forty-six percent of jail inmates in 2002 had a previously incarcerated family member. One-fifth experienced a father in prison or jail.

Father Factor in Crime – A study of 109 juvenile offenders indicated that family structure significantly predicts delinquency. Adolescents, particularly boys, in single-parent families were at higher risk of status, property and person delinquencies. Moreover, students attending schools with a high proportion of children of single parents are also at risk. A study of 13,986 women in prison showed that more than half grew up without their father. Forty-two percent grew up in a single-mother household and sixteen percent lived with neither parent

Father Factor in Child Abuse – Compared to living with both parents, living in a single-parent home doubles the risk that a child will suffer physical, emotional, or educational neglect. The overall rate of child abuse and neglect in single-parent households is 27.3 children per 1,000, whereas the rate of overall maltreatment in two-parent households is 15.5 per 1,000.

Daughters of single parents without a Father involved are 53% more likely to marry as teenagers, 711% more likely to have children as teenagers, 164% more likely to have a pre-marital birth and 92% more likely to get divorced themselves.

Adolescent girls raised in a 2 parent home with involved Fathers are significantly less likely to be sexually active than girls raised without involved Fathers.

43% of US children live without their father [US Department of Census]

90% of homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes. [US D.H.H.S., Bureau of the Census]

80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless homes. [Criminal Justice & Behaviour, Vol 14, pp. 403-26, 1978]

71% of pregnant teenagers lack a father. [U.S. Department of Health and Human Services press release, Friday, March 26, 1999]

63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes. [US D.H.H.S., Bureau of the Census]

85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. [Center for Disease Control]

90% of adolescent repeat arsonists live with only their mother. [Wray Herbert, “Dousing the Kindlers,” Psychology Today, January, 1985, p. 28]

71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes. [National Principals Association Report on the State of High Schools]

75% of adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes. [Rainbows f for all God’s Children]

70% of juveniles in state operated institutions have no father. [US Department of Justice, Special Report, Sept. 1988]

85% of youths in prisons grew up in a fatherless home. [Fulton County Georgia jail populations, Texas Department of Corrections, 1992]

Fatherless boys and girls are: twice as likely to drop out of high school; twice as likely to end up in jail; four times more likely to need help for emotional or behavioral problems. [US D.H.H.S. news release, March 26, 1999]

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Tennessee, but my home's in Alabama


Savannah, those stats are heartbreaking. They stand right alongside the observation that these generations have lost the knowledge of God.

May I add a thought?

God gives us what we want. As He withholds no good thing from His children -- amen? -- He lets the world grab hold of what it wants. It wants vanity. He gives those who do not like to retain God in their thoughts what they do like to retain -- themselves. Their minds are given over to their own desires, and to all of the twisted whirlwind paths where their desires take them.

The remaining baby boomers in America and Gen-X'ers are witnessing a sea change that the Gen Y/Millenials/Gen Z people are not even aware is happening. We share the same physical space with them, but spiritual blindness has so overtaken them that they do not know what is happening.

That does not mean the older of those are "more saved", but it IS true that, on the whole, they are -- Christian or unbeliever -- more aware of biblical Christianity.

BUT questions are begged: if we knew, why don't they? What is God's assessment of us as it relates to their lack of knowledge? Have we so cast our lots with the state and policy (as "conservative Christians") that we have abdicated personal responsibility for the spread of Christ's word and discipleship within our own spheres of family and friends?

It weighs in my heart. And I am unsure what to do.


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Tim, I do not know what to do, either. Having been involved in a pro-life ministry for 15 years I would run into this issue of singles having babies; we did chasity counseling and would teach our clients about the dangers of immorality including the disadvanages of single parenting, but you know what? They heard it before but they do not care. As long as the gov pays for their hospital bill and their medical expenses plus get a welfare check and food stamps, what is to worry? In our county our public schools received an F rating by the state for quality education. And why so? Most of the children come from fatherless homes.

There is easy forgiveness offered or believed by some - people think they can sin and then come back to God asking for forgiveness and it will be granted...Yup! One client wanted to abort knowing it was sin (she told me so) but then after the fact was going to ask God to forgive her expecting God would do so. Go figure.

Dunno what one can do, if anything. If I could I would love to apply some woodshed therapy or millstone therapy because nothing else seems to work.

Enough of rant. Thanks for posting those stats, Savannah.



Sandra Miller

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Hemel Hempstead


Thats because it is not being taught in the churches, the gospel is not even being taught or basic doctrines such as justification or sanctification!

Dominic Shiells

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Dominic, you nailed it! Yes lets blame it on the Millennials, that's easier to do than blame it on the real problem, the pastors.


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It’s not just millennialis. 80% of Christians over 40 would not be able to pass a pretty basic Bible knowledge quiz.

There is too much that competes for time these days; the idea of sitting down for an hour and studying the Bible seems quaint.


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 Re: blame

Most men, young and old, pastor or father, have been feminized.

Irresponsible, spineless, led by the nose, and just wanna have fun. The song used to be "girls just wanna have fu-un."

No more. Now it's men who have long hair, ponytails, earrings, and sway their slender bodies back and forth to the sensual music.

Not just the world doing these things, but church-goers.

If it's revival we want, then the men are going to have to start being men, and the women, women.

Until the men set the example for the young men, and the women set the example for the young women, we will continue down the slippery slope and turn into Sweden and Denmark.

But even here on SI many are nothing less than feminist-friendly. So stop complaining like children and act like men, and women. Be what you were created to be. If you don't know, go to God's Word that His Spirit may teach you. If you are male, search the Scriptures to find what men of God are. If you are a female, search the Scriptures to find what women of God are. God has not hidden this from us. The culture has muddied the waters so terribly, many are now unrecognizable. We can no longer distinguish between the two. They've been mixed like the creamer in the coffee. And most like their half-and-half. Black and white is now a shade of gray.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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Hemel Hempstead


the thing if the Bible is not being taught why should people actually we have been affected by seeker sensitive methods and the new apostlic reformation movement
listen to fighting for the faith where he analyses corrent sermons in churches
pastors are the problem

Dominic Shiells

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Case in point. I teach an astronomy elective science class at a local High School. When we discuss the theories of star formation and evolution, we must study cosmology. This opens the door to comparing naturalistic theory with creation.

A student in my class asked another teacher what I was talking about when I said that many believe, including myself, that God created the universe. She honestly had never heard anything like this and it totally threw her for a loop. She was asking the teacher to explain to her what I meant.

And I live in the buckle of the Bible belt.........


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