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Hemel Hempstead

 What scriptures do we dodge because we do not like them

So many people read the bible and sometimes it seems like the books of Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Lamentations do not exist.

In some churches the Gospel is not preached, how often is it that we spend time on Church not dealing with difficult passages in scriptures or the fact that God wiped out the whole world except for Noah because this world was wicked.

Where are the jeremiahs or people like Micah who had to listen to 400 false prophets to tell Ahab that if he did not go to war, God would have saved his life.

It seems we live in a culture with so many positive voices and you are shouted down if you say something negative.

Elijah would be shunned because he prayed a negative prayer because he prayed for Drought.

There are so many scriptures to do with judgement in the scriptures and love. The bible states that the Love of God brings people to repentance but most people tend to use the bible as self help manuals.

When we come face to face with God it is like getting run over by a truck, I think it was Paul Washer who said that.

Where are the sermons on passages that are hard and that deal with the full nature of God, because we cannot make a God in our own image and likeness, we tend to bring jesus down to our level.

It is amazing to think that God created life, he has the absolute right to take it away as he created it in the first place. God has destroyed Kingdoms, Nations, men and women throughout the century yet he is a loving God because he hates wickedness.

Heaven and Hell are real places we can say that they do not exist but when we stand before God and he send us there.

Very few were saved during the time of Noah and Jeremiah , he preached and was faithful to God even thou the culture was wicked.

I do not want to deal with a God of my imagination, i do not want to deal with bible pleasantries, as when I stand before on Judgement Day.

God is God and he wrote a book. When people say that God is a god beyond our understanding. This book details history, actual history we have archaology discovered.
This book judges you and as eternity is along time! We tend to soft pedal that christians are in Hell for eternity because they did not know the bible and know jesus.

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: What scriptures do we dodge because we do not like them

You find much weakness in men today. Others are mere children and yet decades old from their spiritual birth.

Some would dare to study an old testament prophet in a men's group. You find 9 out of 10 men are so biblically illiterate that it is extremely difficult for them to read Isaiah or Jeremiah or Ezekiel and take much from it at all. I've listened to others who put no importance on knowing the old prophets because they have the new testament and that will suffice.
Others read texts and have no idea what they are reading, when they attempt to interpret the passage, they literally do not interpret it but remember vaguely some sermon or some teaching from the past that they overlay the text with it.
After attending such groups, you realize that the men have nothing to contribute when called upon, they are silent when asked to give their understanding of the text or worse they vote against any such study by their absence and complaints to others later.
I've found that men dodge various texts because those texts do not fit their simplistic paradigm where God, Christ and salvation fit neatly along side their hobbies, job, family or friends.

These men (and there are many) have been permitted by their leaders to live so immaturely, so childishly finding their joys and pleasures in worldly ambitions and sensual pleasures. Their leaders are fine with it, their men's group leaders are so weak or cowardly the slightest reproof for living in a lukewarm state is met with offended attitude.
Their leaders do not challenge them, nor do they pray for God to expose their worldly mindset and immaturish life. When speaking of living by faith, it means to them "Im a Christian and I go to church and listen to sermons and I come to men's groups to eat, chat, discuss sports, and listen to their leader teaching" (on the level of a 8 year old Sunday school lesson.)

Then you wonder why a church sits passively by while the ministers do all the preaching, praying, reading, organizing, sacrificing...and yet they are the real problem. Those men are permitted by worldly ministers to live worldly, pattern their lives in a worldly manner, train their children after the pattern of the world.
Ive found rare instances where texts were dodged because of dislike, they were ignored, dismissed because it has been taught to them by their leaders the necessity of learning those texts does not exist. They ignore them because their leaders ignore them.


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