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 Back from Kenya

Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for the prayers that you lifted up for us while we were gone on a Mission trip to Kenya. The Lord did many mighty things while we were there. It was a great privilege to be part of His work.

While we were there, 293 men and women made professions of faith. Our translators were the pastors who would continue the work after we left. They will begin the much needed work of planting churches and discipling the new believers. God healed a boy who was dying from malaria while we were there. A woman with a chronic stomach condition was healed. It had not rained for a year and a half in some places and on our last day, God sent rain. All of this was accomplished because of God's faithfulness and your prayers that you lifted up for us. Thank you all so much. I would love to share the details with anyone who would like them.

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 Re: Back from Kenya

Thank you for sharing...
I would like to hear more of how the Lord worked while you were there and how you were impacted.
Once again, thank you for sharing.


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Well for starters, the entire trip was, for me, a much needed lesson on the greatness of God, the smallness of me, and His great mercy. Staring even a few days before the trip, I was unable to get my visa because MasterCard locked my card from use by a foreign entity. So I had to go there by faith that I was going to even be able to obtain the visa once I got there. Judge (another man who was going from my church) and I by the grace of God, had raised $4,120.19 over what was required to go. However, when it came time to purchase the motorcycles in Narok, that was exactly the amount we needed (after converting it to Kenyan shillings), which was pretty amazing. It took 3 days to finally make it to the area where we would minister. There were no roads or power lines where we were at. It just so happened that the day we arrived, there was an area wide market going on, where the Maasai would setup shop to buy, sell, and trade. The chief of the entire area was there and after 86 of his people came to know the Lord--he gave us unlimited access to the entire region. Everywhere we went, the majority of people we encountered were converted. They said that they had believed in God but had no idea how to reach Him. They had no idea about Christianity and most had never seen a mzungu (white person). So we preached the Gospel, starting from "In the beginning" to the fall of man, the sacrificial system, the coming Savior, The life of Jesus, the crucifixion (we had to explain what a cross was and how it was used every time), atonement, the resurrection, ascension, and salvation through Christ. Without any prodding or pushing for them to make decisions, they wanted to be saved and asked us what they needed to do to be saved. I was in awe of what I was seeing the power of God do in these people. They did not grow up in church, but they responded in tears, in joy, and zeal. It was awesome to behold. Men, women, young, old, warriors, and shepherds--they all responded. On a few occasions, although not with every group of people, the Lord confirmed our word through healing--something I only knew to be theoretically true, but now have experienced first-hand. He answered our prayers for the people and sent rain after the work was finished. Some of these places had not seen rain in over a year and a half. I still tear up thinking about it. The terrain was extremely difficult and practically inaccessible; but the Lord saw us through. No one was hurt, even after Judge flipped his bike. All our flat tires (Kenya is covered in 2-3" long thorns) were confined to before we started ministering or after we were completely done--none occurred during our actual treks into the wilderness. We ran out of water multiple times, but by the grace of God, we always found clean water after everyone ran out--without fail. Though we struggled to rest--God provided strength. Although we had no idea where we were going, the Lord always showed the way. He was faithful--even to me, a man who went with some degree of skepticism. He shattered so much of my preconceived notions about the way things worked and replaced it with truth--all the struggles, all the hardships, and all the frustrations I carried about Christianity here in the states were cast aside and now I recognize that I serve a mighty God who is willing and able to move in the hearts of men. The same God who did all that is the same God who lives in me, who has saved me, and who was called us all to the purpose of growing His kingdom. He is more real to me than ever before. God willing, I'll be going back in April.

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This is the good stuff Praise God, Praise God. Im so glad you were met by the Jesus of the bible doing the ministry found in the bible from the words found in the bible.

This is a precious thing, guard it...the devils that roam here are dressed in suit clothes. There names are skepticism and intellectualism. These are thieves which come not from atheism but from a pharisaical Christianity that refuses anything outside of their own Jerusalem.

Praise the Lord for God's great grace...and you were given the opportunity to take part in it.


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 Re: havok20x


Ps. 77:13-14 –-

Your way, O God, is holy;
What god is great like our God?
You are the God who works wonders;
You have made known Your strength among the peoples.

Ps. 150:2,6 --

Praise Him for His mighty deeds;
Praise Him according to His excellent greatness.
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.
Praise the LORD!


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Praise the name of the ever living and holy God!!!

David Winter

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