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Hemel Hempstead

 Worshipping the worship leader

You hear people in church sometimes say great worship but the sermon was terrible
I always remember art Katz saying that right before world war 2 , worship was elevated higher than the sermon

Famous sermons that started revivals such as Johnathan Edwards , Johnathan Edwards spoke the sermon by candlelight and his voice was not great but god used him . I wish sinners in the hands of an angry god would be reading for most mega churches.

As working in the Christian bookshop I am not ignorant of the techniques and the manipulation that is used in worship as up in grapevine a conference I was taught some techniques

I love worship music but when it is given second place to the word of god or the bible my heart breaks as most ministers would not know a lexicon or how to use a bible commentary , it is almost like the Holy Spirit has only inspired the current generation not the great men of old throughout the centuries , ministers should be both on there knees and in study

What breaks my heart is that when some ministers speak they tend to say this bible is a story so by the time people have left church they think the bible and Jesus are just myths not real life biographies of real people who we are going to meet. When we study a book like Ephesians we can bring up all the archaeology and objects in which they have found. Ephesus has hundreds of artefacts, even obscure objects such as balaAms seal from the book of numbers or Jezebel’s seal or the tel Dan inscriptions, there is a series online called bible land passages

It is sad to think that people copy secular musicians who have sold there souls to the devil or channel there music through demons

What ends up happening is that church services become a rock concert with a pep talk ar the end

Dominic Shiells

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 Praise and Worshp Story

Dear Brother,
Never underestimate what God will do when His people get out of balance!
I was once one of those who lead worship and became proud and thought the music was more important than it should be.
One day as our group was worshiping the Holy Spirit fell upon the whole crowd. I was under the piano weeping for it seemed like two hours straight being convicted of my pride in music and a manipulative spirit. Then I couldn't stop crying for a week and I just put down all my ways and said "Jesus you gave me this talent but I do not want to abuse or misuse it. Take it away if you want. Show me your ways". I honestly did not want to do praise and worship for several years and the Lord taught me that His ways are not our ways, but I can't judge other people either because they may be on the same journey I was and if they love him with all their heart, they will be chastised if they're off base. I can even enjoy music that is dedicated to Christ no matter where people are on their journey. So be assured God does discipline his people and when they encounter his Holiness they will see their sin and don't worry. Pray for them but pray for yourself OK that's my story.

Love in Christ, Leslie

L Young

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