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 Fake Deliverance

I've been watching so called deliverance/casting out of demon in Youtube, and I think it is super FAKE, although the people who were doing the deliverance are preaching sound doctrine and emphasizing on repentance and I don't know why the people were given into fake acting of being possessed.

I've heard stories from a preacher and from some people about people being possessed and their stories are much more genuine to believe even there is no video evidence of it than what I saw in Youtube.

I just do not picture Jesus Christ casting out from people like what I saw in Youtube...

 2017/9/22 10:58

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 Re: Fake Deliverance

If you want to read a very true and sobering account read the books called "Blumhardt's Battle" and "the awakening." Both are about pastor Johann Blumhardts battle to expel a demon from a woman in his parish many years ago in Germany, and the revival that occurred right afterward.

You can read about Johann Blumhardt on Wikipedia. I found the books somewhat frightening but also very sobering and encouraging.


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 Thank You

Thank you, Brother Todd...

 2017/9/22 12:32

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 Re: Thank You

reminds me of this:

Mark 9:38-40New International Version (NIV)

Whoever Is Not Against Us Is for Us
38 “Teacher,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.”

39 “Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “For no one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, 40 for whoever is not against us is for us.

One good book on demonology I have read is "War on the Saints" by Jesse Penn Lewis, Evan Roberts also helped co-author it which many people do not know.

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 I regard highly

Brother Greg,

I regard these people I saw in Youtube highly doing deliverance because they preach sound doctrine, I am just uncertain if the deliverance is real...

Thank you for book recommendation...

 2017/9/22 14:50

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 Re: I regard highly

God has graciously delivered people by reason of my prayers. A woman with several demonic spirits, demons causing deafness and dumbness, demons causing fits and convulsions. It matters little to me if someone cannot fit what happened into some time table they think needs to be kept in order to validate the deliverance. Some were immediate others were hours. One was only about 20 minutes...and she was ready to die when I came to her. The great thing...Jesus came to her and did for her "within the hour" a great deliverance from demons that came upon her by means of shamans putting spells on her to set her free...go figure.
When God is doing his work, I do not sit back and second guess what is taking place because others have determined either time or anointing or words or place or situations do not fit some box created to house God and his miracles. In the situation my mind and heart are set upon Jesus Christ and setting my faith upon a promise keeping deliverer.
I too have seen a lot of fake and pure nonsense...all silliness and chicanery and presented to lift up the evangelist or leader. Within me I would rebuke him to his face...but I was not in position or place to speak in such a way.
Do not live a life of skepticism, live out your Christianity expecting the miraculous and praying for God
to be glorified through your faith in his goodness and mercies. If he does not answer, I do not question, if he gives a great deliverance he must get all the praise and he must be feared.


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