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 Praise God for my dear friend!


I want to share this wonderful story...

I have a friend and she converted to mormom because of his husband, she asked me to go to her mormon baptism but I did not go because I know that that religion is not align in my faith. I been praying about this friend of mine that there will come a day that I will talk to her about my faith. She is an avid fan of Beyonce too, and I'm grieved that she been adolizing this woman.

We been planning to visit each other and spend time together and today, it finally happened to spend time with her. I visited this friend in her house, we spent talking about the Bible. I told her about the falsehood of Mormonism, and she told me too that she is been questioning the teaching of Mormon and not sure if she wants to continue with the Mormon religion. I told her too about the occult behind Beyonce and the Hollywood entertainment. I told her about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, specifically explaining to her the entire Matthew 24, she told me that she is afraid of what is to come and I pointed to her what Jesus said that, "See that you are not frightened..."...

I suggested to her that I will make a Bible study plan and pattern so everytime we meet, we will talk about the Bible. She is very baby in understanding the Scripture, and I am beyond joyful to be an instrument for my dear friend of mine to help her in knowing Jesus Christ more through our study of the Bible...

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 Re: Praise God for my dear friend!

Great to hear sister! Keep up the good work of sowing gospel seeds for God's kingdom! Will be praying for your friend.


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 Re: Praise God for my dear friend!



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