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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : The people giving christianity a bad name.

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 Re: The people giving christianity a bad name.

Why aren't we able to see Planet X? Like does Nasa keep it under wraps? If so wouldn't we be able to see it in the sky by now? Silly number guy.

If the world does end does that mean I can stop going to work and just wait for Jesus to come back? Or does life resume as usual?

Matthew Guldner

 2017/9/18 8:14Profile

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 Re: The people giving christianity a bad name.

Hmmm....sounds like "88 Reasons why the world will end in 1988" recycled.

When will people ever learn? Reckon I learned they won't. Sigh

Sandra Miller

 2017/9/18 9:00Profile

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Lysa, what you quoted I did not copy and paste, I wrote that. We all copy and paste, but I usually use Charles Stanley's website and he give's us all the freedom to use his messages to do so. I really don't understand what I said to offend you, remember I'm old, and not perfect and can and do still make mistakes. So we don't have to discuss this in front of the world I'll call you one day so we can straighten this out. I never have been one to come here and argue, or get deeply involved into the lengthily debates, I come here to bring a different prospective, from God's word. Yes, I admit I do mostly go against the grain here, but Jesus surely went against the grain in his time on earth, matter fact if he would not have, he would not have had to die a horrible death as he did for any of us. I'm leaving this thread now, because I feel I've said my peace, I know many might disagree with my thoughts, but it won't be the first disagreement we have had here, and probably not the last.
God Bless
Mr. Bill


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